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James Rae


Hampshire, England, UK

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Terminal Pain


James Rae

I'm waiting for the sunset
And after that the dark
I'm hoping there's no moon tonight
The passing hours to mark

I'm praying that the sun won't rise
To light another day
I'm pleading with my God to come
And take my life away

The Kidney Stone


James Rae

Have you ever encountered a kidney stone
Other than in a jar
Have you felt the pain as it tries to move
Down that long urethra

Should the stone get stuck you'll feel a pain
Thatíll knock you off your feet
No drug will make that pain go away
You'll lie in a screaming heap

Eventually, filled with morphine
With water forced down by the glass
You curl up in bed in a painful heap
And wait for the stone to pass

If it will not pass they wheel you off
To the ultra sonic bath
And blast that rock with ultra sound
Till it crumbles to dust at last

But if this goes wrong and splits the rock
Leaving shards - like broken glass
In the narrow confines of the urethra
The damned thing will never pass

By now you're in deep trouble
The blood is flowing fast
And the anxious look on the surgeons face
Says 'please don't breathe your last'

They put you 'under' - youíre fast asleep
You won't remember a thing
With luck they'll haul out all the bits
And you wonít hear the angels sing

So let this tale be a warning
Drink water wherever you go
It dilute the brew that makes the 'gue'
Which causes those stones to grow

Dancing into the dark


James Rae

The orb of light that dances at the dawn
Bids all to dance until the day is done
Then, as chill twilight grows to velvet dark
The lingering light of life
Flickers, and is gone
Only pathetic symbols here remain
On storied stone now blunt by timeís command
The faded marks, shaped from the saddest words
Attempt to stretch a thread of gossamer
Twix life and death
Ďcross Charon's mighty Styx.

On Fundamentalism


James Rae

Godís words that snare and bind the minds of men
Tight woven all from lies and fear and myth
Deflect the light of reason from their eyes
And turn aside the sharpest barbs of truth

The mind of God that thinks at manís command
Constructs the ways that lead to life and death
Painting the halls and corridors of heaven
With promises and gifts beyond compare.

The hand of God that moves at manís command
Holds fast the prize of immortality
Announcing through the chosen mouths of god
That all who win the race are dead, but live.

The living must obey and keep their place
And do as man has told them God has said
Else heaven dims and all that golden light
Fades to the deep red yawning maw of hell.

If man from thinking can create a god
And in ten thousand years can make it hide
The darkness and the fear beyond the light
Cast by the fire of knowledge in his mind
Then man has made a prison for his soul.

The place of immortality lies not
In Heavenís house or in the pit of Hell
But in the nurtured truth that burns within
The mind that seeks to know beyond the dark
And shines the light of reason on its fears.