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Meredith Quintana


Birmingham, AL, US

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If I Had A Dog...


Meredith Quintana

If I had a dog,
I'd call his name Fred.
He'd wag his tail,
And I'd pat his head.

I'd take him for walks,
Down the street we'd go.
He'd want to run fast,
But I'd tell him, "No!"

I'd feed and bathe him,
He'd sleep in my bed.
I'd always make sure ,
His tummy was well fed.

All this is a dream,
It's really not so.
All I can hear,
Is my dad saying, "No!"



Meredith Quintana

God you ask me to trust in you when I suffer,
But actually doing that is a lot tougher.

When I think I can't handle my problems anymore,
You are right there to open a door.

When I see you love shine through,
My strength becomes renewed.

You show me your light,
But I still feel the need to fight.

Again you tell me, trust in me,
Finally I hand it over to thee.

Remember Me When


Meredith Quintana

Remember me when,
You are sad on a rainy day,
And you feel all alone.

Remember me when,
You feel as though you have no friends,
Or no one who understands your thoughts.

Remember me when,
You are exhausted and you feel as though you can not go on any longer,
I will be your strength.

Remember me when,
You think you can not go through any more trials,
For I have been through them all.

My child, remember me,
For I will always be there fore you.

Russia With Love


Meredith Quintana

Love in any language,
Is like food that nourishes the body.
Even when communication seems impossible,
Love becomes its own language.

It breaks down all the barriers,
To become a new translator.
And when He is seen through you,
The language has been learned.

Now this new language,
Gets spread all around.
So that they may know,
The love that I have found.



Meredith Quintana

Tears, fears, uncertainties
This world has so many hurting people
They cry when they think no one is looking
Their hurt stems from deep within
They are abused: physically, emotionally, and psychologically
No matter how hard they try, the hurt does not leave
They do all sorts of things to cover the pain
But when it comes down to it, the hurt is closer than ever before
They reach out, but no one reaches back
Their heart breaks, but no one is there to pick up the pieces

When they think they can't handle it anymore
There is One who can help them
They may not want His help, but He will always be there for them
Eventually, they see His light, and turn from their ways
But it will take time, and His help

Now they leave their old ways behind and follow Him
They tell others the truth they have learned
When others ask, "What did you learn?"
They will tell them what Jesus said ...
"I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father, except through me."
Now they have everlasting hope!

The Path Revealed


Meredith Quintana

Sad and alone, the man ponders his future.
What will he become? Who will he be?
He remembers all the happy times, and wishes they could have lasted forever.
But his present sadness steps into his light.
With this blocking his view, he's not able to see what's beyond him.
A dark shadow is cast over his world, as he knew it.
He's not able to see beyond it, for it is too dark.
It looms over and around him, like a night with no moon.

But like every day, the sun rises in the morning.
As the dew falls on the grass, the birds chirp in the new day.
It's a sign that life goes on.
Even when there are days that we think we can't get through.
There will always be Someone, whom we can turn to for guidance.
He is our flashlight in the darkened world.
For when you are confused and lost.
He will be our guide to show us the way, on the path of life.

Now this man wakes up every morning, with a renewed sense of hope.
He knows that he's in the Father's hands.
And the Father always takes care of his children.
So no matter what he goes through in the days ahead,
He will be safe and taken care of.
If he stumbles and strays off the path,
The Father will be there with a flashlight, to guide him back.
He will always be here for us, for He is the Great Redeemer.

A Child's Lost Dream


Meredith Quintana

Love, patience, and kindness
These are the things the world needs
There are those who have never felt emotions like these
From the time they are little
No one took the time to love and care for them
They were passed around like yesterday's news
Cast out into the cold and unforgiving world
Their hearts becoming like a brick wall
Not letting anyone or anything in
For fear they might be let down again
Society kept handing them the cement
When it should have been a sedge hammer

Now all grown up, this vicious cycle continues
Since they were shown no love earlier in life
They think that this is how the world is
That no one cares... no emotion, no feelings, no love, no hope
But there is One who will continue to love them unconditionally
No matter what they've done or how bad it may seem
His love reaches from the East to the West

This lost child, turned adult, can now dream once again
They now have hope that there is One who loves them no matter what
The spirit that has been trapped for so many years, can now be relinquished
They go out into the world, spreading love, patience, and kindness
Because of the One who showed them the way to their dreams

On The Verge


Meredith Quintana

Do you ever feel as though youíre on the verge of something great?
Itís a restless anxiety
A feeling of impending excitement
Thoughts and ideas run through my brain a million miles a minute
I step out in faith
Is this what Iím supposed to do God?
Is this all right?
I continue walking along the path
Slowly putting one foot in front of the other
Just hoping that greatness is over the next ridge
Off in the distance I see the future
Itís big and grand
Is that my destiny?
Only God knows
Only He knows what my future is.
Only He knows the greatness that I could become
But really, as long as Iím in His will, Iím great
As long as Iím walking in faith, shouldnít that be all that matters?
Not by the worlds standards_
Weíve come so accustomed to living in this world
That we now think like the world
If just for one day, we could see what He sees
Hear what He hears

How often do we stop focusing on ourselves long enough to realize the needs in this world?
People are hurting, blindly roaming around
Seeking hope in a hopeless world
With needs no one sees but Him
Who really cares about me?
Would anyone notice if I were gone?
Where will the hurt end?
When will we realize that we arenít here to live our lives?
We are here to tell others about Him.
Tell them about His unconditional love
How many people have you told about Him lately?
Have you stopped living selfishly long enough to live selflessly?
What if the next person you met, you told them about your Savior?
What if He blessed you with the ability to listen to peoples spiritual needs?
Would your life be any different?
Would it freak you out enough to think you were going crazy?
Or would you realize what a blessing and a gift He granted you?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and you had this gift?
How would your life change?
All around you, voices of hopelessness and agony would fill the air
Just looking around at someone, youíd hear their real pains
The things no knows but God_ and now you
Would you address their hurt?
Tell them that there really is Someone who loves them unconditionally
Just as they are, no matter their past
Would you seize the Divine appointment Heís brought across your path?
Or would you just go about your daily life, as if nothing was different?
Would you ignore that still soft voice?

"Speak to that man over there. He needs My help."
"But Father", I quietly whisper into the quiet void. "What am I going to say?"
Through the gentle breeze, I hear Him, "With Me all things are possible."

My brain connects the right synapses, which in turn tells my right foot to take a step forward
_then the left_
_and the right_
The next thing I know, Iím standing before this man.

"Excuse me, sir", I say, with shaky confidence. "I know you donít know who I am but it was impressed upon my heart to share something with you. Thereís Someone who loves you unconditionally. No matter what has happened in the past_ what youíre doing currently, or what the future holds. I know Someone who will love and care for you regardless."

The man looks at me, and incredulously states, "Looks, I donít know what your deal is, but Iím not interested." The man abruptly turns around and starts to walk away. Before he goes too far, I say, "You know, I know you feel as though thereís no hope, ho reason to go on, no purpose_"

As the words hang in the doubt-filled air, he slowly turns around. Looks at me, almost through me, and with tears brimming in the corner of His eyes, He says in a shaky voice, "Thatís exactly what I was just thinking."

"I know", I quietly say.
"But how?" he asks amazed.
"Like I said, Someone impressed upon my heart to come talk to you."
"I sure would like to meet this ĎSomeoneí"
I point to a bench near by, "Well, Iíd love to tell you about Him."

As we sit on the bench and I tell him about this ĎSomeoneí. The glassy hopelessness begins to recede from his eyes and is replaced with tears of amazement and unworthiness. As his tears continue to stream down his face, he asks, "But why would this man die for me?"

With my own tears filling my eyes, I say, "Because_ He loves you that much. If you had been the only one on this whole earth, He still would have suffered and died for your sins, past, present and future."

The man, now openly weeping, "What do I have to do to get what you have?"

"Just ask_ ask forgiveness for all that youíve done, turn your back on your old ways of living, and tell others the things that Iíve told you. Tell them how He has changed your life. You know something, right now in Heaven, the angels are rejoicing over one more lost lamb has come to the Father and entered into His kingdom. From this day on, you are a new creature. Your old ways have passed away. You are changed!"

As I bask in the afterglow from this Divine appointment, I thank Him for using me_ providing me with the words to say... and most of all, for dying for me as well. I am abundantly aware that He didnít have to die on that cross, but He did. And I am eternally grateful.

So, as I look around me, on the road they call life. I realize it doesnít matter what the world thinks about me or the things I do. All that matter is that Iím winning souls for Him.

So, whatís this verge of greatness?
Itís when I hear that still soft voice and decide to obey or not
No matter what occurs, Heíll receive all the honor and glory
But itís in that moment_ that people hang on the verge.

Puzzle Pieces


Meredith Quintana

Jagged... Smooth, straight, and curved
They never all seem to fit together
I look at the pieces
Then the picture on the box
And I wonder how it'll ever look so right

Life seems to be the same way
Only there's no perfect picture in which to compare
He gives me the pieces
The so-called problems of today
I try to make them fit
But it just won't work

The pieces all look so jumbled
I feel so lost and confused
What will I do next?
Where do I turn?

The pieces of my life are grouped accordingly...
God... Family... School... Work... Friends...
If I can make each section look good,
Then will I feel in control?
Will that control bring me happiness?

By trying to make the pieces work on my own,
I start feeling better about everything
The grouped pieces are placed where I want them
Where I think they'd look best.
As if I actually knew what was best for me.
But it won't work.
They don't fit.

Why is it that I want to plan my life, according to my plan?
Why is it so hard to leave it up to Him?
Why must I be so stubborn?

I once again repent and turn from my selfish ways
I lay it down at His feet
He takes my pieces and scatters them...
As far as the East is to the West.

"Father," I ask. "How will I ever be able to solve the puzzle now?"

"My child," He quietly whispers, "You may think your puzzle will never be solved, but I know what the picture would look like long ago. This is within My will that you would struggle."

"But why, Father?"

"My precious child," He says, as He places me in His lap. "If I never break your world apart, then how will you learn to depend on Me? How will you learn to trust in Me? How will your faith ever grow stronger?"

He lifts his arms and spreads it out in front of me. "Look at all that has happened... What if Noah hadn't had enough faith in Me to build the Ark? You would not be."

"What if Joseph hadn't been sold into slavery? He wouldn't have been able to save the land from famine? What if David hadn't had enough faith to use a sling and three small stones? He would never have defeated Goliath."

As scene upon scene kept flashing before me, my Father kept showing me over and over how faithful He has been. No matter if we deserved it or not, He has provided.

So, as I look back on those so-called problems... the pieces in my life
I begin to realize that He is in control
I have to be patient in Him
And know that everything will fall into place, just like the picture on the 'box'

One day down the road of life, I'll look back on these trying times
I'll know that everything that happened, happened for a reason
I'll see that my Creator had each puzzle piece carefully placed in the palm of His nail-pierced hand
And I'll know that He who began a good work in me, has been faithful to complete it in me.

Written at a time in my life when nothing seems to make sense, even this "poem". He's broken apart my world and handed me the left over pieces. Now, what am I to do with them? I think I keep trying to make them into something they aren't. Perhaps I am just to learn more about myself, and more about my Creator? Only time will tell.
March 21, 2000



Meredith Quintana

Silver earrings on the bathroom sink
Bobby pins strewn on the dresser
Lipstick and mascara stains on the wash cloth
Discarded panty hose on the carpet
Tangled hair sprayed curls
Empty traces of a night gone by
Feeling special all dressed up
A tomboy made into a princess
A princess enjoying the attention
Then she woke up
Was it just a dream?
No, she remembers hearing the compliments of how beautiful she looked
Remembers carefully taking down her hair
Hoping to remember it, just as it was
Thinking how it felt on, she hangs the gown up in the closet
Remembers the sweet fragrance of the bouquet
She wonders... will it ever be her turn?
Yes, somewhere, the prince is being prepared
One day, they will join as one, before both God and man
Until then however, the tomboy will remember that for one night...
She was a princess...

Written the day after Jennifer Allen Cook got married, August 20, 1999.

The Shelf


Meredith Quintana

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you think God has "forgotten" about you? Where you feel all alone and you wonder why God has set you apart from what you know as true? Well, this poem deals with this very issue. It was written at a very confusing time in my life, where I couldnít figure out where I belonged. I guess, in a way, we continue to struggle with this issue all through out our lives.

But you know what God taught me through writing this poem? He showed me that sometimes, He longs for me to struggle. When I do, He breaks me of my humanness, and molds my desires to be like His own. Now mind you, itís not an easy process, in fact, at times, quite painful.

But without enduring these struggles in our walk, how would we ever grow as Christians? As I look back over the years, the times when I was most confused and struggling to make it day-to-day, were the times when I most had to depend on God for strength and wisdom. I once read in My Utmost For His Highest, "When God is silent, consider it a blessing. God is silent with those He knows He can trust with that silence. It is a form of intimacy."

So, if He has placed you on your own "shelf", consider it a blessing. Like Paul said, "Consider it pure joy!" Maybe God has some things He needs to teach you? Or maybe He just wants you to experience His true joy again? Whatever it may be, I pray that you will seek Him and grow as a result of His pruning.

The Shelf
By: Meredith Quintana

The Creator lovingly uprooted the flower from its environment.
He knew that He had no other choice but to set it apart,
For it was slowly dying.
It was succumbing to the dangers of the world_ the darkness and the evil that surrounded it.
So, He picked up His pot_ His place of guidance and protection
And filled it with His nutrients,
. . . Placing the wayward flower within the soil
. . . Pressing His love around its roots
And then He let the waters of Life quench its thirsty frame.

After the impurities had drained from the little pot,
He added some fertilizer - a little love, a little patience, but most of all_ a little guidance.
That way, in the days ahead, the flower would be strong enough to flourish under His sunlight.
But first, it must wait.
It must wait upon the shelf, until the Creator could use it again.

The flower continued to struggle with its past_ and present.
Again, the Creator gently poured Life into the thirsty soil,
Letting the flower know that its Maker was still there.
Although the flower knew this was the best thing that could happen,
It still struggled with why its Creator had made it an "outcast".
But this was the time that the Creator had set aside_
This was the time that His flower must endure its tribulation_
This was the time when the seeds were being planted for its ultimate blossom_
And this was the time when the most honor and glory would be brought to His name!

But first, His flower needed to learn the art of patience.
Not only must it learn to be patient, but also it must have patience.
Although the flower wanted to be done with this learning experience,
It knew that this was all a part of the reason it was on His shelf in the first place.
It had become of no earthly good.
But now, by being set apart, it had been exposed to the light.
It was being exposed to His saving light!

The Creator knew that in a short time, His flower would be strong enough to "stand" on its own again.
It would be strong enough to "stand" up for what was right.
And most importantly, it would be strong enough to bloom for His glory!

The time had come for the flower to make its transition - from the safety of the Creatorís pot,
To the barren soil, where its Creator had chosen for its new home.

The flower could feel the soil being stripped away
It felt its Creatorís loving fingers wrap around its fragile frame
And then, it knew it was being put into its new home.
The Creator gently pressed the new soil around His flower.
And thatís when the flower began to complain.
It didnít understand why its new home must be so barren
It thought its Creator was punishing it,
But in reality, its new home was the best place for it.

"My child," the Creator tearfully explained, "Donít you understand? I have gone before you in all that youíve done. I have been there every step of the way. And when you have felt most alone, I have been the One by your side. When I saw that your world had become too dangerous, I set you apart to protect you, not to harm you. So do you really think that after all this time I would just abandon you? I have chosen your new home with you and flowers like you in mind. When a struggling flower sees you, I want them to see My unconditional love. I want them to see My light, and grow as a result. And I want them to change, as you have changed."

The tears that the Creator shed fell upon the flower and were stronger than any rain the flower had felt before.

From that day forward, the flower never complained about its surroundings. It became a beacon in the darkened world. And when it least expected it, it bloomed - a bright yellow-orange sunflower that nothing or no one could ever miss. This wonderful blossom encouraged other flowers to grow and bloom where the Creator had planted them.

So now, every time you pass a field of blooming sunflowers, remember the moral of this little sunflower. If the Creator has placed you on your own shelf, it must be for a reason. It must be your time to be patient and wait for your blossom. And as hard as that may be, itís the only way. Just trust Him_ lay your burdens at His feet_ and trust!