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Erwin Quah


Labuan F.T, Malaysia

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Erwin Quah

You sit there in the corner
Staring at the wall...expressionless
Rambling words I do not understand

I call out your name
But you hear me not
You're in your own world again

What are you thinking?
I wish I knew
You tell me nothing
Only rambled words
I still can't figure out

"Brian..." I call your name
You respond with a smile
And twinkle in your eye
I know you're home again

Autism is something
I'm learning more about
But loving you, my son, is something
I've known right from the start

The End of Days


Erwin Quah

A veil of darkness blankets the sky
As Death on sable wings fly high
A shadowy figure of reputed gloom
A frightful vision of impending doom

For a catastrophic storm is brewing
While Men in slumber's bliss lie dreaming
Blissfully ignorant of what is to be
The end of all humanity

A minute before the Midnight hour
The darkle sky unleashes its power
Rain of brimstones in the night
Showers the earth in tumult light

The Baptism of fire now begins
Cleansing the Earth of its mortal sins
And as the lands lay charred and burning
Scythe in hand, Death watches, patiently waiting

For soon it will be the time of Reaping
And the soul of man He will be taking
Gathering the essence from His human maize
A Harvest of Souls in the end of days

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