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Shaggy Pyle


Garden Grove, CA, US

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Shaggy Pyle

You scared me the first time
you kissed me
like that
but thats ok cause
I got used to it
now I love it
I wonder if you've
kissed like that before
or am I the first?
so what who cares
I don't really
I'm sure it doesn't matter
ok it matters but
I don't want to know

Second Grade


Shaggy Pyle

When the wind blows hard like this
I wish I was in 2nd grade again
it was more fun then
we would chase the falling leaves
all recess
but now we're in 6th grade
and it wouldn't be cool
to chase the leaves

Love Letters


Shaggy Pyle

she never writes me love letters
I guess she thinks
hugs and kisses are better
she's right
but still
I like it when she makes
all those hearts and stuff
around our names

Her Friend


Shaggy Pyle

It was Christmas eve
and her grandma said
come in and wait
she'll be right back

so I wait with
Chirstmas presents
on my lap

what present could
be good enough for
my Jenny I think

I hear the door open
I can hardly wait
to see her

her friend is with her
he is a boy
her father took them
to McDonalds

her father doesn't
like me
but he does like
the other boy

sometimes I
hate my life

Just one more


Shaggy Pyle

I was late for school this morning
and you were already in line
I looked at you and thought
to myself she is perfect

And then I told myself
ok ok stop thinking
about her now

But myself wouldn't listen
and decided to think just
one more thought

And I thought about
how soft you were

And that thought
made me remember
how much I love you

My love


Shaggy Pyle

your scared to hold back
afraid to go forword
you are confussed don't know what your doing
you want to sit and cry and sob
you sit down and can't stop crying
thinking of someone special
you can't think your head is filled with his pictures
your having a good time why are you crying
your scared to move forword
your terrified to move back
your so scared you don't know whats happing to you
but your falling in love and you are afraid