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P. Puddephatt


Basingstoke, England, UK

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Not in God's Name


P. Puddephatt

Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jew -
I understand your point of view.
If you canít mine - well, thatís a shame.
No "holy" war is in Godís name.

Islam means "peace". We all want that.
Meet the Quakers. Be friends and chat.
Buddhist, Hindu - weíre all the same.
No "holy" war is in Godís name.

Jehovahís Witness to a Sikh:
Sisters and brothers, let us speak.
Itís not a case of placing blame.
No "holy" war is in Godís name.

"An ye harm none, do as ye will."
The Wiccan Rede, we must fulfill.
Let peace on Earth become our aim.
No "holy" war is in Godís name.