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Winter Solstice



I remember when all my tears froze in the snow
my joy reminded me
how love isn't silly after all
frozen like that;
immune and isolated, all I ever wanted my feelings to be
all of this stability
helps to guide me
so I can achieve my centered heart

the sun crept up a behind me on winter solctice
and my tears started to melt away
terrified as I was, my stability soon gave way
and the warmth consumed all I've strained to become

I've forgotten those tears now
and how they've just washed away
the sun reminded me of how life should be
and those thoughts consumed me.

the sun receded now and left me cold
I'm bitter now and crying now
because I'm so lonely
and my tears land in the snow
frozen in time; for a reminder
of my negligence to understand
and of how rudely the sun left me behind

searching now for my centered heart
with my tears in the snow
waiting to be free from time
waiting for the summer sun