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Charles Prindle


Yonkers, NY, US

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Charles Prindle

Now is before time began.
Before anything was.
There is no place.
No divine will.
No divine dreams.
Now look: an expanding utter brightness.
The clock has started.
White hot hydrogen hurled outward
to flood the emptiness of space.
Gravity will attract the gas into lumps
that will shrink into galaxies of stars.

Now is five billion years into eternity.
Space seems full of stars rushing outward
and marvelous for no one to behold.
Now look: the first born stars
begin to die in spectacular explosions.
Their violent deaths are forming
the heavier elements essential to life.
The ashes will travel thru space
and here and there condense into planets.
Carbon will become the darling
of the god of accident & surprise.
The god of accident & surprise has accidents
enough and time -- if deadly conditions do not prevail.
This earth.
This water planet.
This temporary haven of life
is an improbable oasis
in a dazzling and hostile universe.

Now is ten billion years into eternity.
The god of accident & surprise is hard at work
in a soup of carbon based odds and ends and essential elements.
Carbon is linking up and making twisted coded strings.
Strings that have no function are replicating.
Later the strings will have functions
and increasing complexities -- living cells will divide.
Now look: the blue-green algae has invented sex.

Now is fifteen billion years into eternity.
The rain forest resounds with calls and shrieks.
Homo erectus, safe in a tree, is mulling over
a narrow escape that has just occurred.
The god of accident & surprise is at work
hard wiring a talent for abstracting and learning
from experience. The grammar of a dreamy wordless language
is being incorporated in twisted coded strings.
Words are needed.
Words will come.
First internal.
Then spoken.
Now look: a new word--love.

Now is the fullness and bounty of time.
We are alone in a cosmic display of fireworks.
We are proud of the god of accident & surprise.
The unknown signs with harlequin gestures
and dancers reply in their own good time.