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Arlene Priest


Truro, NS, CA

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Arlene Priest

I see you sitting there
staring of into the silence
I wonder who are you dreaming about
Is it the red head who sits beside
you in class?
Or is it the pretty girl next door?

Then suddenly you get up
and walk over to me
I think, "Oh god, he saw me staring."
I am tense, I straighten up
Waiting for you to yell
But when you look into my eyes
I don't see anger, only love
you take my head in your hands
and gently kiss me

When ever I see you sitting there
like you always do
I never wonder who your dreaming
about anymore
For I know that it is not
the red head who sits besides you in class
Or the pretty girl next door
For now I know it could only be



Arlene Priest

When I feel like I cant go on
When I feel lost and alone
You are there
When I need courage to get back up
When I just want to fall
You are there
In the night when I feel afraid
I know I can count on you
to be there.

When I need a gentle hand
You are there
My love for you is like no other
With you I can do anything
I know I will make this love last forever
Cause I know you are there.