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Geoffrey Price


Pontefract, England, UK

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Mother Nature


Geoffrey Price

Mother Nature's crying
With a broken heart
Her sister Earth is dying
Being raped and torn apart.
Distress follows progress
Just another name for greed
All in league with Satan
For 'tis he hath sown the seed.

Mother Nature's children
Search for another home
Their chances fast decreasing
Soon there'll be nowhere left to roam.
Pushed back to the ocean
Where the seeds of life began
Driven to extinction
To satiate the greed of man.

Each one thinks of no-one
Save the one he calls himself
One he calls himself
One day he'll stand atop of nothing
To re-evaluate his wealth.
Look back at his lifetime
All the destruction in his wake
All chances of redemption gone
Mother Earth will die ------Too late!