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Mumbai, Maharasta, India

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Standing near a lampost
Trying to look older
The red lipstick
Doesn't suit her
Neither the green eyeshadow
Her red dress got a cut
Showing her skinny thighs
There's dirt in her nails
And dead in her eyes

She whisper to me softly
In her sing song voice
'Wanna have some fun
I charge 100 for a night'

We settle in a cheap motel
Sharing a bottle of rum
She was too experienced
And at sixteen a mother of a son

Said things were better
When she was at her place
The last war rape her land
And poverty did the rest

Her father was nailed
Like Lord Christ
Her brother was burn alive
Her sister raped
Her mother,poor granny
Buried alive

She said'nothing is changed
In my old land
Now they fight among themselves
So many different clans'

'If I had to make a wish
I would love to be the waves
Crashing among the stones
Still so free to come and to go'

Six months later
I was back from my duities
Now I'm an officer
Searching for the same girl
In the red dress
But none turn out to be her

A boy came running to me
He had her same eyes
Said 'mister,please give me some money
My mother just died'