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Robert Precht


Montreal, QUE, CA

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Gordon's Quest


Robert Precht

Strange things occur
in the dust and blur
of this vast cosmic void
and it chanced one day
that a spaceship came our way
from a world that has long been destroyed

Well it fell to the earth
and that day it gave birth
to a mystical tunnel through time
to the days of old
when money was gold
and the world didn't spin on a dime

Now leaning on an oak
was Gordon with a joint to smoke
and he was looking for a place to hide
the hole he found
and in it he was bound
and he came out on the other side

There was fog and mist
and his pants he pissed
was he in some animals den?
he hoped someone would find him
but the door closed behind him
never to open again

Well the mist cleared away
at the break of day
and he found a wilderness trail
and just by fluke
he met Johny Duke
who told him an interesting tale

of the princess Sylvie in the dungeun infernal
and the magic joint that burns eternal
a brave man could take such a quest
so they parted their way
at the and of the day
and Gordon headed west

He raced across the land
with a two-four in his hand
over misty mountains cold
to the dungeun deep
where dark things sleep
to find a prize worth more than gold

A sword he stole
from a sleeping troll
and the sheild that lay by its side
he found a stray mare
on the roadside there
so he went for a little ride

'till he came to the gate
of the dungeun deep
with his sword he shattered the door
and from within
the darkness grim
came a hideous blood chilling roar

He was filled with fear
but he chugged down a beer
and all fear left his mind
he had quenched his thirst
now he dove in sword first
with his girth pursuing behind

His victim he slew
'twas a cyclopse he knew
by the twinkling of its eye in the dark
then he caught a whiff
of the magic spliff
which he sought with the nose of a narc.

'till he came to a cave
that was cold as a grave
and he saw the end of his quest
the joint that burns ever
on a plate of silver
and the girl that he heard was the best

Strange things occur
in the dust and blur
of the infinite midnight sky
but somewhen somewhere
are a really stoned pair
who will live happily 'till they die