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Bill Poster


Manchester, UK

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In late Spring Snow


Bill Poster

In Late Spring Snow

To find the stream I seen before
That gushing ghyll With a promised roar

A single sun was all I found
And while it shone I climbed
Windswept moor drew me close
Once more to compose

Moods and thoughts A lonely beck
That I sought In solace take

The path Mankind trod
Now he has Betrayed his God

Quarried scars Stark and cruel
The deed is ours Craving fools

Poor Earth!You cannot say
Pity Earth My crippled day

The late Spring snow
A flurried spate To show

Winters hand The icy grasp
Across the land His final task

Now I stopped A stunted tree
Lighting cropped Welcomed me

In sad heart I dully stared
Too tired to start To worn to care

But here The beck lay still
So strange here Snowing still

They whispered down Then I knew
Earth's words sown And sorrow too

Faster now lettered flakes
Told me how Your heart aches

I stared And read
I shared Your dread

I am nothing By myself
But suffering Greed's wealth

I need Horizons new
To breath In morning dew

Only see My children,s growth
Hear the plea Between us both

I will die To feed you all
My strangled sigh A windborne call

I made you Lords of Earth
Life you slew Took its worth
Now I weep With poisoned tears
While you sleep In uneasy fear

Prophets speak Of dying soil
Truth they seek Of seas despoiled

Man's worn key In Life s lock
Turn and see Your callous mock

Save my life Just once
Spare my life Just once

And then A million years Of men
A million tears will stem