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Special Note: We recently had to replace our server for the WPC. In the process many poems were lost...those submitted in the past week or so.

The only alternative is for you to resubmit them. I hope you can quickly determine which these were, making the job somewhat less tedious.

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Note from The Dream Machine --- The Imagination of the World Wide Web...:

Paul Larsen, the founder and one of the sponsors of this page, is a native Minnesotan of Danish-American parents. He is comfortable with the rugged outdoor life of Minnesota, from sitting in an ice shack at twenty below zero in the mid-winter to boating the same lake in mid-summer to escape the heat wave. He comes to the Web less comfortable with word processors and electronic information circling the globe at mega-speeds. He feels there should be a place on the Web, a quiet place, where he and others like him can express their thoughts in poetry.

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Visit our brand new Friends of Poetry page, where we feature links to other poetry or poetry related sites.

New Policy: From now on, except for minor children, we will publish the email address of the authors on their pages. Please do NOT ask us to forward mail to poets who share your surname whose address is not listed. Also, do NOT ask us questions about poetry, poetry books or anything else. We are publishers, not a poetry resource for your term papers.

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