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End of A Book



Life is an interesting book to some, a library to others
Some libraries are public others private and confidential
My life is a private library holding a collection of many
Books from childrens to horror, entertaining and educating
Every one of them has something to teach me valuable
Learning from these books have been enlightening

For over an year I have been reading a book
A book that had interesting pages filled with fun
Some pages had loving friendship soothing to the soul
A few pages of enchanting romance and sensuality
No famine for sweet love and bitter painful longing
Every page as interesting as the one before or after

Days went swiftly as I flipped through the pages
Some times reading with painful concentration
Often with merriment filling my heart, lifting my spirits
Many different characters, interesting and intriguing
Events to come never to be guessed, full of suspense
Some pleasantly surprising, some painfully shocking

As a whole an interesting book holding me spellbound
All books have an ending and I have come to the point
Where unexpected twists and suspense are adding flavour
To this enchanting book in my life where I learned so much
Shocking revelations of talents hidden and avenues unexplored
Stunning events that took my breathe away, I am amazed

The story has ended and I have had my fun and lessons
Some learned with pleasure and others with mortal pain
A book I would cherish all my life, but the time has come
For the book to go to its place in the shelf of my library
Where it will stay until the time I may want to read it again
To live back the memories of the pleasures and pain experienced

With no remorse or regret I place it in its place of confinement
To start on another book, excitement of events to come stirring
My senses and eager anticipation soaring my spirits high
There are many I need to thank for the book I shelved
None I want to name except my Lord and Saviour, who
Strengthened me to go through this turbulent book and survive