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Nubian Poet


Bitburg, Rhein Platz, Germany

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Autumn Colours


Nubian Poet

Canvas scene,
the screen that poses life before me.
The water painted layout,
so natural,
too perfect to believe.
Autumn coloured rainbows,
across the meadows,
except the evergreens
Valleys green from teardrops,
wine vines on hilltops,
from earth's mourning dawn cries.
Stop to feel the moment,
listen to your breathing,
life is so grand.
Smile external,
where they see you,
read you...
true Sight is not revealed.
Live today,
like the last day,
or yourself you've already killed
These words,
why don't you just listen,
to feel the vision,
that I express to you.
And see if you’re like the flower,
in constant showers,
consistently it does bloom
When the moon seeks to find slumber,
do you wonder,
what will you be put through
Focus on autumn's colour show,
see bird's flow
Life’s sights,
shows each day as new.