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Gary Du Plessis


Gauteng, South Africa

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Gary Du Plessis

Here I sit in denial,
I lie back,then think of your gracious smile!
A great warmth & peace surrounds me,
Kinda like the soft,sunstroked back of the sea!
The soft crashing waves,
The pleasant sounds of whales on the surf,
& all the kids,thinking,it's their turf!
Full of joy I now relax,
In this scene,peace at max,
I giggle,laugh & shout for joy!
Because of you this magic is true,
So alive this magic is you!
We can never be together,I know that,
Yet,thanx to you heart pure not black!
My dear friend I thank you!
For when I'm with you,I'm never blue!
Thank you my friend,your magic great,
Your magic started my clean slate!!