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Michael Pirozzi


Brooklyn, NY, US

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Michael Pirozzi

at the sunrise of
we are apt to be joyous
welcoming the calm luke warm breeze
on our half awaken faces-
we dance with the sun as
it divinely reveals its
at the afternoon of life
we are subject to be lost
in a
grand book or enjoy the
ambiguous elements of gossip with
a friendly
companion over
a delicious cup of earl gray tea
at the night of life
are prone to enjoy the sun falling-
for it gives us the hope of another day-

we grapple with the labor of our days,
make unpromising promises,
pray to
a god without a name,
and wish our dreams to be serene-
with all of this
our eyes are left
smiling at the reddish sky



Michael Pirozzi

I know of
that is incomparable
to any element in our
queer universe.

For our mouths are enraptured
by it and our minds worship the
nature of it:
It is analogous to a violent storm
gushing away our serenity-

it comes unannounced like evil
in the good hearts of men. It preys
the serene and the desolate:
becoming the enigma upon its hostile
rape. It
welcomes us to its tangibly
erotic divine banquet where we
become enslaven
by its very essence-
we dine on its bread, only to experience
the laggard
weaning of its damned nourishment
causing our lives to drip away-
away with its cursed horror
second by second- then when we are least

conscious, it vanishes as if it was never present-
then only memories of
times past-
the drama of emotion carved in marble
to be eternally mourned.



Michael Pirozzi

tragic is it not?
Time has dared venture
to the point
where thoughts were

unable to be conceived
contrast to Marlow:
Time traveled through the

pathways of happiness.
Yet it is finished,
emotions parallel to
the loss;
where tongue
evades to mention;
analogous to Petrarch's love-
with hollow
strength to reveal
the plethora of Herculean
adoration for Laura.
again she is unnoticed.
Perhaps there is ample time
that is avail to the
to see Time...

ode to a praying mantis


Michael Pirozzi

my dear serene
creature- how I almost
squashed thee

you creep here
and there without
worry, without care

crawling in my hand-
you must wonder who is
this foul creature- as have I

let me tell you a little
fume and folly is I

I am part of
crazed enigma-
of how's and why's

you in fact are a
member of the
puzzle too-
life and its questions

do you fret about
your being-

of course not
you're a bug- who
creeps all about

interesting life
I must say- of all the
things here and there

I wish I
was you-
like I said you walk
here and there
without worry, without

Life Lingers For No One


Michael Pirozzi

Batter my eyes, dear
mother nature. Seeing her
mind swift across this

horrid domain, defined:
this insincere, unconscious,
drama of white
falling flakes:
Wishing Fra Pandolf to cast in
bronze. Awful philosophical

dreams lay puissantly alive
causing the emotions within:
untamable- beyond
Neptune's control.
Inside, the darkness- physical, blinded.
Inert, unknown
tears fall- runny, unlike
these godlike white flakes, aware-
as if the
discovery of meanings, though rare, of life.
Gape bitterly- melting these
frigid hearts,
and there it becomes evident:
the immense falsehood:
lingers for no one.

I just had to say


Michael Pirozzi

I just want my mirror
to know that I am aware
of its lies- every time I

gape into its view I see its
faux pas, time and time again
I would say-
Mirror, mirror
reveal unto me true virtue,
not falsehoods. At times
would bribe, threaten, and
even seduce it- to my dismay
truths were not
I found my self angered,
irate to the horrid mutation-
widespread growth of its
lies, artifice , craftiness.
On another occasion I
it with my black, black as coal
bed sheet. Avoiding it- thinking

it may be cleansed- I knew this
was crude and by far unchristian,
but I
needed to know and see
the honesty. Punished it for three days;
on this
third day I unveiled it and
noticed its calamity, its insolence
that my
dear Hamlet spoke of-
enraged I shattered it, along with its
with a scolding hammer-
countless elements of debris coated
all about the
floor- and there in the
absence of the mirror, the void which
it filled, I
unearthed the truth.

Loveless Sea


Michael Pirozzi

It is believed that the sea
Is loveless, in its world
Love cannot rule its awesome
Realm- in its heart a dreadful
Cold fracture remains- but
>From the sea the Killers thrust
Their way, as do the dolphins
Leaping, thrashing waves
Caressing the torso of Neptune-
Making love unto Him so engrossed
With Divine worship and devotion-
Yet the sea’s heart is so cold,
It takes for granted the life it houses
beneath its skin- look, look closer-
see how selfishly He moves

kiss and tell


Michael Pirozzi

for vinny

I kissed him today;
Boy, was he sweet
Honey suckle, like
Biting into butterfingers,
Licking the sweet chocolate
>From the tips of my fingers-
Like warm caramel drops he
Stuck to my lips- crowded
My tongue, tingled my
Throat- boy, was he sweet
I want to taste him again