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Sean Pinto


Delhi, Delhi, India

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Upon Stronger Bridges


Sean Pinto

Suddenly she smiled
from the insipid security of greener
anchors that clutched
her insatiable novelty
to the blushing blades as
the loner leaf
sulking in his dewy isolation
echoed the early gold harpstrings
that tuned themselves
to the chords of her silence.


Eternity wept for a second time,
for the amused lace
weaving itself into wonder,
the carelessly rolling
dawn tendrils mocking
carefully starched uptightness
the little pink shoes
footprinting the dust of dreams
with twinkling question marks

Consolation is just a reflection
in her broken mirror
trapped inside a million
shimmering pieces of stillness
weighed by an unbroken persistence
of breath, a beating heart
and the church bells that chime
reminders of the waltzing shadows
who will visit no more.

For Einstein Wherever She May Be


Sean Pinto

Two white chairs and a lamp
You turn to me to know me better
And the world passes through our fingers in a tizzy

There is never a feeling like this
Magic cannot touch the ends of the evenings
Your smile smites me with its bliss
The music never stops playing in my heart
And your tresses compose their own fragrant breezes
Itís the air I breathe and the wonder I know
The little divinities that will dance forever in my soul

I know we have our own roads
Distances, my hands cannot steady
Trials my shoulders cannot uphold
But when the darkness warms us tonight
And eternity slumbers
You playing the piano
Is the last melody I want to hear



Sean Pinto


Run run run
Between zeroes and speak to the white
Walls and buckles on the
Straitjacket over my heart
Time is punctured with my smiles
Mournful and long
At the eruptions of war
Roaring guns, wilting flowers and
Red smoke
Billowing from gingerbread turrets
The world has commanded her ants
To fight for a cause
A cheerful home built over calcium cinders
And I will still long for you
Through the eye of the winters I will weep
With the grey sea, my being and Horizonís Pledge

Why did you leave your hairbrush on the dresser?