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Jessie Picard


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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The dog who will not move


Jessie Picard

Going back to the kennel
Where I first saw you.
Going to hide in the corner
I'm not going to move.
Got an empty stomach
Got your picture in my head
If you find some food
I'd like to be fed.
Some try to get me out,
They don't understand
I'm not cold, I'm just a brokenhearted friend.
Though it makes no sense,
What else can I do?
How can I come out
When I've just seen you?

Coz if one day you realise
You're abusing me and your
Heart starts to wake up
You've hurt me,
Thinking, maybe you could just feed me
You see me hiding from you.
I'm not a piece of dying meat,
I'm not moving
No, I'm not moving,no!

This message should stay clear
Someone I'm waiting for
Could take a day, a month, a year,
I'll try to stand my ground.
Even if it rains or snows
If I change my mind,
You'll be the last person to know.

People talk about the dog,
Who's waiting on the world,
There is no food left to lose,
A big hole in his heart.
Maybe I'll get famous
As the dog who wouldn't move,
Or maybe, you won't be mean to,
But you'll see me on the news,
As I run back to the corner,
Coz I know you're coming back
I'm the dog who will not move!