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Shawna Phillips


Hermiston, OR, US

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How Can You Be Gone


Shawna Phillips

How can you be gone
When you were just here
You left us all alone
Struggling against our tears

I remember the good times
As well as the bad
I'll never forget you
And all the memories we had

Our last seconds together
Will stay in my heart
And I will always know
That we will never be apart

A Lost Love


Shawna Phillips

The fire in my heart
Was extinguished at the sight
Of another girl in his arms
Another love in his life

Our love had been true
Our trust had been strong
I thought we'd be together
But I guess I was wrong

When she came along
He found he loved her instead
He also found out
His love for me was dead

My faith is now torn
As is my heart
And I stand here helpless
As my world falls apart



Shawna Phillips

What happened was wrong
That they both knew
But on the inside
Something special now grew

He felt responsible
For what took place
And all she could do
Was hide her face

He wanted to help
But she could only cry
Because she thought
That their friendship would die

As he reached out to her
For one last chance
She noticed something
In his glance

It was love she saw
In his eyes
And her love for him
Came out of disguise

It was the love of a friend
So sweet and so tender
And when he held her close
She had to surrender

All that they could do
Was hug and then cry
And every now and then
Wipe the tear from the other's eye

When the time came to part
She wanted him to stay
But when he turned and said "I love you"
She knew it would be okay

So out of the bitter ashes
A new friendship arose
One they both knew
Would continue to grow

What If


Shawna Phillips

Maybe things could've been different for us
If only you wouldn't have lied to me
But you caused me to lose my faith and trust
And lovers we can never again be
I thought I could forgive and forget
And we could be a couple again
But with a heavy heart I do regret
To say love's over before it began
I don't think I'll ever forget your touch
Though part of me wants to push you away
I know that our friendship means too much
And life will go on anyway
But it's your love I will always miss
And my heart will always wonder, what if...?



Shawna Phillips

He was the light in my life
The love in my heart
But now that he's moved on
I can't help but fall apart

He didn't leave a note
He left without a care
All I can do is hope
That God answers my prayer
And brings him back to me
That would only be fair

He just ignores me
Seeing me on the street
But when I see him
My heart skips a beat

I long to cry out to him
There's so much I want to say
That I could forgive him
If he would come back to stay
But when I see him with the other girl
The words just fade away

I often wonder what went wrong
How could he stop loving me
I guess that I'll never know
Unless God brings him back to me