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Dan Peter


DeKalb, IL US

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Us in Life


Dan Peter

Life is a complex struggle for most of us you see
Full of trials and tribulations
That usually occur internally

From racism to poverty, it's all around us you know
Some of us can't do the right thing
Many of us don't know our role

Families struggling just to survive in this place we call home
No one wants to help them
There're down on their luck and out there on their own

The leaders of the world have no common sense or a brain at that
All this power to make a difference
Yet things are the same, next up to bat?

I must admit though, there is some hope for our home
The younger generation...
Yet there's no place to roam

There are many places that are bad and yet people tend to ignore
But children get curious
And now there's a war

Man against man, Kids against kids
Are we just stupid?
Let me hear all the bids

Don't ignore what's going on, don't put it on the shelves
Stand up and make a difference
Let's start with ourselves