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i want to fall in love again



You broke my heart and I fell apart
So in the dark, I play my guitar
To stop myself from ceasing to start
But deep within, my soul gives in
Because the pain, it keeps me sane
But all that remains
Are shattered dreams
Which frightens my mind from reaching sleep..

You ate away and took a part of me
A voice still whispers that we were meant to be
And even though I can't stand what you did to me
I still wish you could be right here next to me..

A friend in need is a friend indeed
But for you I was just becoming weak
Your fortified mind resisted my kind
So all I could do was watch and stand by
As you hit the climax in this life of mine.

No one sees me, No one looks
I'm a see-through object in your world of thick cloaks
Idolized - I feel defined
And yet, not even can I figure out my mind
My given time is just time wasted
Must I always be awakened by the forsaken?
Should I give up now and let my soul be taken?
Or should I carry on and remain adjacent to the world beneath my knees..

I feel this pain, I'm full of shame
I am to blame and I can't complain
I want this heartache, I want this pain
I want these shattered and tattered remains
I want to fall in love again...