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Asha Persaud


Toronto, ON, CA

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A Time Long Ago


Asha Persaud

I imagine a time when I used to exist.
Never wanting to be born a boy.
Never admitting to shame.
The time when I was on an equal plane with the rest.

I imagine a time when my raven hair would cast evil eyes upon others. When my first glance to the one who created and held me, disappeared. When darkness became daylight.

I remembered a time when I died.
Never forgetting my faults.
Always looking to the past.
Never forgetting the last.

I remembered a time when I moved.
The strength which held me would crumble to the ground.
Never again witnessing daylight.

I embraced a time when I learned.
Never revealing my secrets and knowledge.
Struggling against my will.

I embraced a time when everything in the world was peaceful. When evil was a part of good, but only was controlled by goodness. To show that in a world, there must exist an "evil."

I lived a time where everything has become corrupted.
Where my past haunts me; every waking moment.
And I try to go back, to a time, I am not worthy of.