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Sabra Perkins


Omaha, NE, US

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Sabra Perkins

A short drive to hear such a long word.
I knew but didn't know
and didn't want to hear.
All she said was positive.
Shock and denial first.
Tears, fears, anger, stupidity,
But I had known all along too.
What in the world was I going to do?
Oh no! Mom and Dad-
Unaware and incapable of knowing the future.
Dreams and plans set atop a mountain.
Now are new plans and numerous changes.
Time to decide what I really believe.
Can I do it or not? Am I really that strong?
Guess we'll see. No-I am.

Haiku #32


Sabra Perkins

Orange like sunset
So crunchy makes spit fly
Best with ranch dressing.

The Advantages of Weather


Sabra Perkins

The air gets colder than usual,
Icicles have formed at the end of my nose.

Strangely shaped flakes fall towards me,

They are white, wet, and cold.
Multiplication progresses quickly,

These things have covered my grass
and the streets like a blanket.

Green is overcome by white-
Yes! No school tomorrow.