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Jim Pepper


Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

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A lane I left


Jim Pepper

I wandered down the lane of love,
And held her face between my hands,
Yet was left unmoved.
I wandered down the lane of debauchery,
And drank and danced and brawled,
Yet was unaffected.
I wandered down the lane of outlandish profundity,
And found complexity in everything,
Yet was left empty.
I walked,wandered, ambled, staggered,
Until my lungs heaved and my limbs weak,
Then I saw the lane which was left untrodden,The flower lined path,
which was myself, my soul, my essence.

When I speak


Jim Pepper

Do I use my words loosely?
Am I fluttering on a chosen subject,
Then casting it aside into the sea, To move on to an altered meaning?
I fear the answer is yes, but my mind refutes this, one cause of my spatial detachment.
Failure to express a single line of thought fully,
begats a wealth of individual thoughts which dwell in my mind. Thoughts which all want a chance
To be expressed, but each crave
An escape from the prison which is my mind.
Yes I do use my words loosely and yes I do ponder and concern myself over this.
But then if I didn't have such a world to draw from
I would not be scribing this now.
We all use our words loosely.