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Daniel Pendergrass


Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Daniel Pendergrass

People who like things spelled out clearly/
Wake up standing in dark rooms late at night,/
Rummage through the back of old bureau drawers,/
Looking for something which is not quite there,/

They expect semi-regular mail from time-lost acquaintances,/
Think they will hear answers in a foreign language,/
Play chess in their minds, move people like pieces,/
Concoct noble roles in fluid dramas, see them through to a logical end,/

Which may or may not happen, but tidy in the mind/
Bypasses the generous effects of discovery/
Found less than neatly piled on what remains/
Even in the leavings of our losses/

Gavin gone Somewhere


Daniel Pendergrass

it seems entirely correct
that we should appreciate this moment:
red maple leaves, footprints on the clouds.