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Richard Peers


Manchester, England, UK

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Richard Peers

Like the warriors of old, ancient times
who stood gaunt and ready for war
up high on the hilltop looking down bravely
to see their enemy, their destiny
Yet they are taken away far from where
you or I last saw them
disappearing into the far-off abyss
for another day will bring them along their
endless eternal journey.

Such a miracle of nature,
No irony or malaise.
No willingness or morals.
Floating along on the tall eternal winds.
Their majestic beauty for everyone to see.
Yet they are of use too,
Providing the basics for which the masses can survive.
They offer no quarrel and mean no harm
As they carry on with their
Endless eternal journey.

When the day is sombre they bring life,
When the Earth is quenched they are ushered away
They have served their purpose, for the here and now
As pure as a virgin, yet as fruitful as plenteous pastures
They are disbanded, dispersed, dead.
Waiting to be reborn to carry on with their
Endless eternal journey
Passing over trees, buildings and the seven seas on their
Endless eternal journey.