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Jim Pearl


Dubai, Dubai, Uae

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Small Pleasures!


Jim Pearl

Dreams are the eagles on air-
But greed is it shadows.

Small pleasures! dream of every Soul-
But befall great miseries.

Solaces are our aim-
But sorrows are our goals.

Love! lilt of twittering skylark-
But it falls away from us.

Dreams make heavenly pleasures-
But reality creates this world.

Pleasures! Smallpleasures -
But steer our soul.

First Kiss


Jim Pearl

Is this kiss really bechanced?
Or juvenile dreams come afresh.
Her lips are rolling on my face;
Or my soul is raising high.

How I forgot that precious gift?
Really! It was my 'initial maiden's kiss'.
Hey! I will keep it forever in mind;
whole will keep it all in life.

I wonder what affinity between us!
I seek that affection connecting us.
I acquire it in butterflies on my rose;
I heard it in the songs of bees.

I hunt for it all in world __
I wish for it all in life! ! !
Last I found that finite thought;
"Love!" which conceals in humans heart.
Poem: First Kiss