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Tony Mercado Peņa


Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines

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Audible Silence


Tony Mercado Peņa

over some undisturbed space
flow these senses freely
out of my aching self, slowly
grasping prints of your embrace.

look at me now - all alone
cocooned in this invulnerable silence
drinking shattered dreams, drawn
by your unbearable absence.

tints of coldness in your voice
undenied by early summer rains
reached my inner me hiding, the pains
etched by your bold tenacious choice.

(although you've unwritten your letters)

the pendulum's rhythmic swing by the old wall
still beats with audible hope throughout all
those murmured moments, a fleeting experience
abandoned in the custody of silence!



Tony Mercado Peņa

i am that facial image
upon the pond with
mirror-smooth water
a careful dip of your finger
sends a thousand ripples
crippling my facsimile.

beg me not to set free
my natal freudian grip
it is not easy to be me
allow me to heal myself
i want to be solely alone
my name is Narcissus!



Tony Mercado Peņa

in bended knees
she begged the heavens
for drops of rains
to wash away the pains
that spread like sickness
now like chilled memories
killing her slowly, softly
in the searing summer heat.



Tony Mercado Peņa

will i still keep on or cease
protecting the memories
of our first communion after
you took away the diary and
left me aching soulfully alone?

i will shed tears not to mourn you
but to relive that mystical moment
as i took hold of my final solid grasp
punctuating your soft delicate clasp
as you paved my untimely death
while I was on my way to heaven!



Tony Mercado Peņa

my exodus
the cold silence
of the tomb

i, a moses
of unknown
fate and endless
odyssey, rush swiftly
back home
to the warm
cuddle of the womb