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Tony Peña


Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines

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Audible Silence


Tony Peña

over some undisturbed space
flow these senses freely
out of my aching self, slowly
grasping prints of your embrace.

look at me now - all alone
cocooned in this invulnerable silence
drinking shattered dreams, drawn
by your unbearable absence.

tints of coldness in your voice
undenied by early summer rains
reached my inner me hiding, the pains
etched by your bold tenacious choice.

(although you've unwritten your letters)

the pendulum's rhythmic swing by the old wall
still beats with audible hope throughout all
those murmured moments, a fleeting experience
abandoned in the custody of silence!



Tony Peña

fragments of blank paper nothing
but cobwebs to you my dainty being
even when smeared with printed thoughts
can you weave them to a story?

this afternoon I heard you
echo some parts of me
yes, from my superficial me.

you told me anything
I tell you is really nothing?
but try to hear something
I am not saying and everything
I would like to say.

very soon I will be free enough
for these fast growing wings to flap
and fly me to a higher interlude
of space and time: the flesh is made Word!



Tony Peña

Rare flower of the eastern isle
Orchid from the higher hill
Sheltered beneath the finest wood
Arisen from some cultured earth
Listen, if you please, to the odd
Inquiring whistle of the dart
Nombresin: the empty credit to my name
Down the valley of brown carpet I came
Among the many muted tongues.

how can i reach you when
you are at the other end
of the shore, across the wave
i want to fly, i want to wade
I cannot be a bird nor a god
I can only write and read
And drink my shattered dreams
With this broken glass of hope.

Abbreviations (Haikus)


Tony Peña

nocturnal winged guard
on vegetal urban world
preying a prayer!

I'm taming myself
with this native whip_ success
I become a beast!

between white darkness
and between true falsity
lies the mystery!

your vast verdant breast
my peaceful sanctuary
like La Pieta's arms!

a thornless rosebud
in my garden of Eden
plucked by the snakeGod!

amphibious beings
searching Bethlehem anew
above cold kingdom.

This Cup Runneth Over


Tony Peña

liquid longings pouring like wine
upon your arid, barren garden
(the moistness buried, hidden and frozen
by many summers), this time
flowing like a stream, glowing like a flame.

now sweated florid breaths mounting
slowly from rhythmic sighs
to blissful moans peaking
in climactic cadence chasing
the lurid butterflies.

until in sweet surrender
all the garden walls fall together
with one final captured grip, the rupture
shown by the glow in your face
celebrating the subdued passion.

and after the cherished interlude
alone together we found ourselves
drinking eternity from a single cup
quenching the famished desire while
the hands of the clock stood still.

Into His Hands


Tony Peña

I’m going Home ...
to Him where time is endless
to Him where there is no fear
to Him where there is no pain.

Yes, I am going Home ...
and in this final journey
wish me good-bye
and fare me well
into His hands!

With Him I will not count
the hours into years
because with Him
there is only forever!

With Him, I will not hide
myself in the dark
because with Him
there is only eternal light!

Elegy Unwritten


Tony Peña

when you come to join
the few, not on this fertile
planet Earth I was a cubicle
of flesh on your loin!

all alone and not in vain
you filled with yield the grain
field, battled the weary survival war
for your fruits - a proud heritage!

from the hoed brown
carpet, a bud has grown
non-green in hue, with blades
bowed low, communed to its shades!

now you uncome and left
the unfew, not on this barren-swept
planet Earth you are a cubicle
of flesh on my loin!

Abbreviations II (Haikus)


Tony Peña

never ending quest
to see my Creator's face
I found tHis picture!

barren planet Earth
impregnated from afar
Homo Sapiens birth!

searching for myself
can i be a part of you
Pacific Ocean?

behold! wine water
first miracle from the vine
my cup runneth o'er!

snowhite numbness
piercing my inmost sanctum
a babeGod is born!

Life, an eternal
cycle of sunrises and
sunsets, joy and pain!

Amiga Rica


Tony Peña

while you have left
a part of you in me here
you also have kept
a part of me in you there.

that subtle single touch from
this suburban hand womb'd
and nursed in your inmost sanctum
now grown as big as life itself.

Amiga Rica pronounced America
now spells newfound home amidst
the absence of old cotton fields
where you can freely recite aloud
yourself unfurled before the world.

here where you were native born
forlorn and torn in bondaged pangs
among the many muted tongues.
no more here you come back for long
it is America where you belong!

"Amiga Rica" is dedicated
to the millions who migrated
to America leaving the native pains
of outrageous fortune in one's old land
and celebrating the abundant gains
of precious opportunity in this new land.