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Charnjit Singh Patialvi


Patiala, Punjab, India

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The New Day.


Charnjit Singh Patialvi

Golden Sun is rising up,
Calling kids to get up.
Birds are happy and gay,
None of them ,home they stay ,
With folded hands we all pray,
Kids get ready for Learn-n- play.
Noon is very hot ,
There is work to do a lot.
The bell rings Ding- Ding- Ding,
With joy all we sing.
Itís the time to go home,
Here we go to our sweet- sweet Home.



Charnjit Singh Patialvi

I was born on a bright sunny day of May,
Knew not what caste and creed that day.
The society thrusted a ceremony,
To cut my veins from Human blood.
I was chaste and innocent but ,
religion made me indifferent.
Hypocrisy all the way, to practice the path away from truth.
We call all are one ,yet we hate all.
I say , love all so that you hate none.
Itís a business to some ,and a cloak for odds.
I have witnessed blood in temples, the place of gods.
Greed overflowing the coffers .
There is race to grab the offers.
So has grown the enmity within man.

I hate the extremes, O! it has separated me and my ideals,
I have lost the innocence ,Oh! God.
The mans cruel hands and mind,
Makes the difference in least different I find.
The religion has casted the out castes,
The religion has resulted in Blood baths.
No! No! No! do not go so deep, O ! man thou shall be lost,
The enemy in front ,is a man at last.
Killing thy brother for his colour and creed,
Is never and never shall be a Deed.