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V. Pathmanathan


Adelaide, SA, Australia

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Love Has Washed Me Clean


V. Pathmanathan

I strutted about in my youth,
Cunning, brash, loud and uncouth.
'It's winner takes all' I'd proudly say,
Little did I know for this what a price I'd pay.

The unfortunate and poor meant only one thing for me,
They were easy meat in my rush for the leader to be.
Even when the utterly wretched in front of me I saw,
I reasoned they deserved it for neglecting their many a chore.

Like a violent tempest my greed grew and grew,
I became a demon; on others' blood I drew.
No trick was too low down for me,
If by using them I could make my enemies flee.

Of a sudden on hard times I fell,
My carefully made plans all failed to gel.
The situation steadily went from bad to worse,
In pain and poverty my once proud body did now immerse.

Many a day by the road did I languish,
My shattered body racked in pain and feverish.
My family and friends abandoned me in a thrice,
They blamed it all on my life of drink and vice.

But wonder of wonders, a person took me in,
A former victim whose fortunes I'd caused a downward spin.
He cared for me and my health he brought back,
Ensured for my comfort nothing I did lack.

In a daze I then came to know,
Real treasures in life I had little to show.
The milk of human kindness by my greed had dried up on me,
The light I never knew I now began to see.

I hastened for the better to change my life,
The bitter pill I'd been given had rend my pride with a knife.
How thankful was I for the lesson I had learned,
' My neighbor is but me,'-a priceless jewel I had earned.

My former victim's love had made me whole,
His selfless acts went far to save my soul.
On bended knees to Heaven did I pray,
For showing me that giving love to all is the only way!