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Rachel Parker


Paris, France

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Rachel Parker

Unflappable,unrapeable soprano
perched and jaunty on the slippery slope.
Who can know that dry,insistent gnaw
at that place where your scales meet your skin
your Venus belly a tight ring of muscle.

On top you are
nothing but a frothy giggle of a girl
while underneath your ten horse power tail
could easily smash holes into the Argonaut

but doesn't.And that's not the point at all:
there's art in arty, craft in crafty, wiles
in every will to win a dashing heart.
At least one half of you can never bear to watch.

You would have made a lovely hostess in another life
and never fancied this as your career
but hey, if the skull and crossbones fit...
besides, there's fuck all else to do round here.