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Nikhil Parekh


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Peace, Unity, Love , Truth


Nikhil Parekh

A wave of supreme contentment entrenching your soul;
permeating your heart with an enchanting rhapsody;
even though you were besieged with the most penurious
circumstances on this planet,

An ever proliferating nostalgia to transit into
childhood once again; euphorically bouncing in the lap
of your sacred mother,

A desire to relinquish all worldly possessions; to
save the lives of your fellow comrades engulfed with
uncontrollable misery and pain,

An everlasting dream in your mind; to exist for
centuries unsurpassable even after your death;
dedicating your life to the service of love and

And you have the most stupendously serene rainbow of
PEACE; diffusing its infinite colors to coalesce into
the celestially symbiotic survival of all religion and
human kind_.


A mountain of trust in each other's doings; profusely
blindfolded belief in the mother who bore you nine
months in her womb,

An insatiable conviction to act upon the voice of your
innermost conscience; follow the path of irrefutable
righteousness; come whatever perilous in your way,

An untamed spirit to free God's divinely world; from
the clutches of manipulatively uncouth devils,

An overwhelmingly resilient virtue of igniting
astronomically brilliant fires; even in the most
ghastliest of darkness hovering around,

And you have the most impregnable fortress of UNITY;
with each second of unfurling black; yielding way for
fathomless more lights_


A bit of compassionate care; uninhibited concern for
your compatriots in inexplicable pain,

A petal of perpetual happiness; without a trace of
abhorrent malice,

A cloud of tranquility lingering in all quarters of
the Universe; instilling the virtue of harmony in one
and all,

A trail of altruistic sacrifice; with the heart
wanting to shower unprecedented more; even after
palpitating each beat,

And you have a mesmerizing river of immortal LOVE;
disseminating its Omnipresent essence in every entity
blissfully breathing and alive_


An insurmountably valiant attitude to annihilate your
own life; instead of catering to indiscriminate lies,

An incomprehensible belief in treading on the path of
the Creator; ignoring the thorns of greed making you
vehemently bleed all your way,

An incorrigible vow of bowing your head only in front
of his Omnipotent grace; or else pulverizing it if the
demons so wanted,

An inexorable longing to march unflinchingly ahead;
irrespective of the religion you followed; entwining
your palms with your fellow mates; to save the globe
from getting destroyed,

And you have the most ubiquitously worshipped element
of TRUTH; which none possessed the capacity to
dismantle before this earth was evolved; and none
would till the time it would continue to holistically

Life overrules death


Nikhil Parekh

Light overrules pathetic darkness,
Happiness overrules morbid sadness,
Greenery overrules blistering sands,
Optimism overrules lackadaisical diffidence,
Conviction overrules decaying weakness,
Radiance overrules overwhelming gloom,
Boisterousness overrules stingy silence,
Fragrance overrules dilapidated stench,
Charisma overrules stagnated boredom,
Smile overrules ostentatious tears,
Goodness overrules diabolically evil,
Pioneers overrule manipulatively mundane,
Literacy overrules bohemian thumb,
Water overrules spurious whisky,
Freshness overrules deliberate dwindling,
Enigma overrules monotonous lifestyles,
Passion overrules opprobrious nonchalance,
Flames overrule soggy matchsticks,
Adventure overrules abhorrent suicide,
Peace overrules satanic hatred,
Mysticism overrules chauvinistic ego’s,
Tranquility overrules scorching summers,
Freedom overrules incarcerated slavery,
Art overrules baseless commercialism,
Wings overrule tyrannically dictatorial,
Immaculate overrule hideously tarnished,
Beauty overrules uncouth ugliness,
Nostalgia overrules snobbish bossism,
Truth overrules blatant lies,
Belief overrules sanctimonious superstitions,
Exuberance overrules despicable withering,
Melody overrules disgruntling cacophony,
Unity overrules treacherous bloodshed,
Compassion overrules horrendous indifference,
Perseverance overrules malicious trickery,
Childhood overrules mature melancholy,
Dance overrules lackluster sleep,
Courage overrules devastating depression,
Wind overrules claustrophobic fanaticism,
Angels overrule bloodsucking beasts,
And life overrules ghastly death_

Fanatically in love


Nikhil Parekh

I didn't know whether she was a tantalizing fairy; or
whether she bounced like an impeccable angel; in the
corridors of my horrendously devastated life,

I didn't know whether she was an ingratiatingly
redolent flower; or whether she was voluptuously
resplendent moonshine; that enshrouded every iota of
my despicable existence; with unparalleled mysticism
and charm,

I didn't know whether she was a gorgeously titillating
waterfall; or whether she was the rustling leaves of
the forest; that triggered me to envisage; beyond the
realms of ultimate paradise,

I didn't know whether she was an ocean of tangy froth;
or whether she incessantly shimmered like a fabulous
pearl; illuminating the morbidly saddened arenas of my
pathetically stumbling existence,

But what I did know was that I was fanatically in love
with her immortal eyes as each instant unleashed
itself into a wholesome minute; profoundly blending
with their marvelously impeccable whites_..

I didn't know whether she was a majestically perennial
dewdrop; or whether she rained indefatigably as nectar
from the fathomless sky; flooding my despicably
frazzled senses with the harmony of vibrant life,

I didn't know whether she was a cloudburst of
unfettered desire; or whether she blossomed into a
fountain of royal beauty as the night descended;
suppressing my suicidal tendencies with her web of
unsurpassable yearning,

I didn't know whether she was a magnificently
glistening shore; or whether she was the handsomely
princely sunset; that placidly tingled me into
ecstatic submission,'

I didn't know whether she was a vivaciously leaping
zebra; or whether she flamed beyond the walls of
eternal eternity; blazing an irrefutable path of
optimism through my every ludicrously shivering

But what I did know that I was fanatically in love
with her seductively fluttering shadow; coalesced for
infinite more births of mine; with its exotically
silken and profuse caress_..

I didn't know whether she was a vividly striped
butterfly; or whether she rolled incessantly on the
meadows of fascinating enchantment; to spice up each
moment of my drearily lackadaisical life,

I didn't know whether she was a candidly scintillating
mirror; or whether she was the unequivocal queen of my
mind; body and soul; casting her unbreakable spell
upon devastatingly penurious life,

I didn't know whether she was a candle of unending
imagery; or whether she healed every hopeless wound on
my nimble body; with the perpetual ointment of
ebulliently blooming romance,
I didn't know whether she was an emolliently
boisterous hive; or whether she surreptitiously
seduced every cranny of my extinguishing visage; to
clamber the fortress of ebullient compassion,

But what I did know that I was fanatically in love
with her ravishingly glorious fragrance; immortally
bonding with the gorgeous stream of golden
perspiration that wafted bountifully from her
sacrosanct arms_..

I didn't know whether she was a wildly gyrating dance;
or whether she swirled above the skies in the winds of
incomprehensible fantasy; to bless me on every
acrimonious step that I tread on,

I didn't know whether she was a celestially united
civilization; or whether her impregnable chest;
harbored my ridiculously disappearing and mockingly
afraid countenance,

I didn't know whether she was a wonderfully blooming
morning; or whether harnessed each sprouting bone of
my deflated visage; with the poignantly crimson blood
that eternally ran through her blessed veins,

I didn't know whether she was the Omnipotent Goddess
of passion and enigma; or whether she was an
invincible flavor; that each element of my bedraggled
demeanor; wanted to relish all its life,

But what I did know was that I was fanatically in love
with her unrelentingly Omnipresent mountain of godly
heartbeats; uniting all that I possessed by God's
grace and all what I was about to proudly have; with
her philanthropically benevolent life_.