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Muhammad Ali Panhwar


Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, Pakistan

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The Monsoon Rain


Muhammad Ali Panhwar

My darling, I miss you again,
When monsoon rain kisses my skin,
And whispering in my ears,
As it is saying to me
"it is me beloved of your beloved,
it is me with all your memories are attached,
and it is me which reminds her of you."

My darling, I miss you again,
I feel the same terrible pain,
Pain of loneliness,
Pain of being away from you!
But donít worry about me,
Because this time
My tears are mixed with
The Monsoon Rain.

These Days..


Muhammad Ali Panhwar

These days,
Iím wrapped in the darkness,
I canít see anything, but you,
I canít think anything else, but you,
Because every time I breathe,
I feel your warmth,
Because every time I lay down,
I feel you in my arms,
I hear your voice,
When thereís no one with me,
Iím tied with the,
Ropes of hope,
Iím frustrated & getting mad,
My dear, Iím really alone!
Door is open, just step inside,
Before itís too late_

*** My friends say that my writings are very sad and pessimistic in nature. I must say here that what I have written is not intentionally written rather these words are just a reflection of my thoughts and feelings.***