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Jamie Palahnuk


Sault Sainte Marie, ON, CA

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Jamie Palahnuk

She is in my mind, lying beside my thoughts
I can feel her close, even though she's not

You were with me once, then faded so fast
But the memories I carry, they'll always last

Now when Iam alone, I stare into the sky
Reflecting back, on times gone by

Iam trapped and twisted, angry for this pain
Alone, sheltered from the falling wind and rain

You are in my mind, frozen within my thoughts
Somehow you seem close, eventhough you're not.



Jamie Palahnuk

Crushed hopes and old memories, I am bruised inside
Her touch lingers eternally, certain as the morning tide.

I hold on to them, as she lets go, not even time will tell
Lost wishes, a broken fantasy, from my arms she fell.

I am forever reminded, as she stares back in all things flowing with beauty
Sunsets, shooting stars, the waves crashing upon the sea.

Blackened by the hurt, my heart hardened, relentlessly
Never escaping my ghost, it follows, for it is she.



Jamie Palahnuk

Empathy, silence and solitude remain my most loyal of friends
Beautiful delusions flicker at will, and seemingly without end.
Reflecting back, into my barren, cold, deserted soul
Auras of emptiness, anguish and pain rightfully take their toll.
Trying to cherish her inside myself, Iam haunted by demons at night
Unrivalled against the winds of change, I have given up this fight.
Tragic scars appear hidden by time, but do not forsake my emotions
Imprisoned by abandonment, protected by sorrow, Iam drowning in her ocean.
All eyes seem dim, her smile more distant than the sun
Illusion moments vacant, betrayed before they had begun.
Suddenly blessed by angels flowing, within warm and amazing times
The challenges remain unchallenged, only bravely will I climb.
My feelings at ease, memories wandering through this maze
The years are short, life a mystery, Iam clouded in this daze.
Untouched dreams still strong, I patiently carry them, until they one day carry me.
Into her arms, close to her heart, the places I long to be.

my mind and my love


Jamie Palahnuk

to the east of eden the Ukraine rises
In France where I life in exile I die
nobody likes me any more neither my loves,
nor my family has which I very gave

How much water ran under this bridge where I take refuge
I still seek an impossible love
neither god nor his angels are concerned with me
O father, O mother why gave up me

Only, I remain alone while shouting with the assistance
in the sky, the sun and the clouds dance
I see my raised astral body stealing itself towards America
in the west of the hell the paradise is