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Andrew Paisey


Bristol, England, UK

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A plea from two young farm animals


Andrew Paisey

Dear Children,

When you next have meat for tea
Please think of Bobby and me,
We loved our green field and blue sky;
and did not choose to die

So when your family next shop,
you could all help to stop
the cruel killing of today,
by choosing to live the vegan way

You could close the factory farm
that causes us all so much harm,
and those other vile targets
the overcrowded animal markets

And what would be our finest hour ?;
closing the very last abbatoir.
Its too late for poor Larry and me,
for we sadly, were in your tea.

Thank you for reading our letter,

Bobby and Larry,

Heaven's Gate.

To all you Animal Loving Hypocrites


Andrew Paisey

Are you yet another animal loving hypocrite ?
Eating meat, drinking milk, purely out of habit,
If so, then the cap must surely fit !

Is this the kind of person you really want to be ?
Supporting so much hidden, callous cruelty,
If not; then why not set yourself free !

You could assume full control of your own mind,
Stop being so insensitively indifferent and unkind,
Stop being so conveniently blind !

You could become a more compassionate person today,
By travelling along the vegetarian > vegan way,
You can do it - do it today !

It's never too late !