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Sheree Ann Pagsuyoin


Quezon City, Philippines

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An Ode to the Wildflower (With Apologies to the Tree)


Sheree Ann Pagsuyoin

i furtively glance at you -
your vision commands my entire attention -
with the harsh shoving of the wind
you bend and kiss the soil that imprisons you.

it is my tragedy to be so near
and lay witness to your unsubdued meekness.
i come without your beckoning
like a slave arising for her queen,
beholding yet not touching her delicate skin.

you are so beautiful_
endowed with the heavenly crinkles in your eyes
and the softness of your smile;
and untarnished by the lust of those who surround
and dwarf your loveliness.

with the eloquence of your hand you dismiss them-
them who scorn you and trample your dignity.
my heart bleeds for you-
look, even the rays that scorch your petals
mock your humble appearance.
it is i who is tormented by the pain that sears your heart.
i long to hold you and protect you in my embrace_

you meet my eyes with the remoteness of a barren land
and i cringe with the pain of the wound you have inflicted-
you do not know of me
and will not know of me-
but i shall incessantly speak of your grace
to my own ears that love to listen
to the compelling dulcetness of your voice.

the poignance of your solitude is embedded in my soul.
your mystery is beyond my ken,
for though you are spurned by many
and regarded with the most disparaging mockery
i behold you and raise you up on a pedestal
far higher than mine.

your face will forever haunt me
and i will languish without touching you.
it is my tragedy,
for i am of the tree.