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Rome, Italy

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For Ever and Never



There is a far-off sphere, a beach
Where volcanos made their peace
Sea shells now, then a waste.

A pellet came from far away
With fragments of our DNA
Or viral ancestor anyway.

Now tell me how stick man
Makes a beast that understands
Yes indeed, Messieurs, Mesdames.

Now stick man has a heart
Find out how his message starts
Then prepare your pellets, sports.

While the flash in all dimensions
Caught all of your attentions
It was also in that stroke
That we got flung out, folks.




This is the formula
This is the way
This is the passage
To make each day.

One is infinity
Complete and Serene
It never was touched
Troubled or stained.

Equal means same as
And also the means
One exists in the other
Like rivers in streams.

Zero is for ego
Ignorance at end
Does not exist and
Never existed.

One equals zero
When this is known
The eagle inside you
Starts flying home.

Grown Young



A child at last, a child again
Another voice in Life's refrain
Joyful in the garden playing
Born a child, a child remains.

Invention is the children's world
They become what they think of
Rulers of celestial orbs
Creators of the purest love.

Here perfection is a child
Ever changing all the while
The one we were, the one we are
Old and grown young again.

The Instruction



The instruction is simple
Repetition is done
Aloud to oneself
The five steps to One.

There's no past, no future,
No body, no thoughts,
There's no I to have them
That's where you start.

It's really no more than
The poise of those words
And a slight suspense
From all consequence.

Now practice and see
There's no more than that
No claims or promises
Just get on with it.

May Day



On this day in May
A man child was born
To a good family
In a good land.

And he grew to become
A man in his time
With his own thought
Own words and rhyme.

But a man is not just
What he proclaims
The space that he takes
Or what he has gained.

A half century passed
Till he stepped to the line
That divides everything
From what is called mine.

Now with eyes raised
Past passing clouds
Past pastel skies
To cold space beyond.

The venture is known
All's lost and gained
And the child of the man
Is all that remains.

Anyone Possibly



Here's where anyone possibly
Looks like a picture of you
Roads at the end of your fingers
Begin when you say that they do.

Here are you in this moment
Is it such an unlikely spot?
As for the tune, you are dancing
So may as well like it a lot.

Anyone could be everyone
It's just a generalization
What you make of your belief
EgoErgo Evolution.

Anyone possibly, possibly you
Who else could you possibly be
Maybe some other, maybe the truth
With eyes of a lover you'll see.

Carpet Diamond



Standing on the carpet diamond
You the fruit of constant striving
Along the axes of existence
Past and future in the present.

Birds fly beneath your feet
Three ring circles in a swirl
Starry patterns in the deep
All around they turn and curl.

Whipped away the spirit rides
On a steed that stays upright
Splashing thru the waves of light
Thrashing until time subsides.




In this moment all is complete
All is explicit, all is contained
All is expressed, all is sustained.

In this day all is complete
The test is passed, the goal reached
Beyond expression, beyond belief.

In this year all is complete
Freedom asserted, taken wing
Flying high as one can see.

In this life all is complete
Great were the gifts given me
All is now offered back to thee.

Will Away



We are alone, but we go on
With only love as our home
Ways we find to love each day
Will console us on our way.

We have made a secret plan
To be together till the end
And even in that frightful hour
To be devoted, strong and sure.

We can live any way at all
We can be great, we can be small
We can move thru out all space
We can lead the human race.

For now with you I am content
To be part of life's intent
When it's time to go on stage
All will hear all that we say.

Creeping then Riding



Intuition creeping toward sunrise
Life is hard, caretakers cry
Pressed are they before the test
Always asking "is this best?"
Knowing only days that pass.

Strings are struck to reveal
Resonances in the steel
They've no will still they play
Do not speak but have their say
It doesn't change much anyway.

Stuffed like stockings if you please
Could they move without feet?
Maybe today he'll wear these
Blessed to be stretched and squeezed
Sometimes slip, slide or squeak.

Thought was fading, still unkind
Shadows of the sunlit mind
Stirring distant grains of sand
Whipped on till it understands
Astride it is the son of man.




How does ignorance persist
When knowledge laughs at it
How do they coexist
In the same inhabitant?

Did we not use the brain
Only the ignorant refrain
Thought when selfless
Ends the savage game.

This is then our story
Once we were so lowly
No applause or encores
For such a dreadful score.

Standing in the present
With this gift of awareness
All who want achieve it
And do so in this moment.

Just One



Just one star was seen tonight
The one right overhead
Still its faint light seemed bright
Thru so much darkened cloud.

A road long and wearisome
Seemed it would never end
Rutted were the guts of it
A dusty thread of red.

Sometimes It disappeared in streams
Or tumbled down the slope
Does it end, or you pretend?
At times you did not know.

Its thousand pits and traps
Could not all be avoided
Even the best of pilots
Could not smooth it over.

Still we are safe at home
Sore but smiling still
Adventure has an easy slouch
When you've come thru it.

Once we were struggling
Riding on in numbness
Now midsummer evening
Comes back to soothe us.

If you like I'll tell more
Of the road we traveled
But you should close your eyes
Before it's time to wake up.

Make It Be



Veni, Vedi
Capi, Vinci

There is a way
It is your own
It's how you want
To go back home.

It's been so long
That we've been gone
Tired as we are
We must go on.

We're children of
Eternal Love
When we believe
Then we go home.

The Beast



You push past and find a seat
The march begins and they appear
In brocaded vests and cheers
Then silence, for the beast is near.

Trumpets are his entrance cry
Strong as ten of your kind
Always moving towards the foe
Muscle pushing piercing horn.

Who would fight him honestly
Knows that his is victory
Always was, always will be
So face him with humility.

If then you would know fear
Come into the grand arena
Dressed in a distracting cape
Treading roses as they fade.

Mark Now



Fifty five and still alive
Should the truth is told
Speaking with authority
A servant's voice is heard.

Culture with its many tribes
Emerging on the earth
Travelling from land to land
With them he conversed.

Finally an end of dreams
Reality's perceived
Understanding is revealed
Accurately in speech

Every one of the men
Who've marked history
Knew that the here and now
Is where we all must be.




Info, not image
Is all we need
Spare us the foto
Just words to read.

Colors and crayons
Stopped interesting me
Just lines I drew then
The outlines you see.

Black upon white
Pure non symmetry
Capsules of light

Compact the kernel
Of truth the succinct
Vibrations in crystal
The possible we.

Catching Up



All of life gets eaten
The fleshy parts go first
Your bones then may rattle
But finally they're dust.

Want to grace existence
With your funny business?
Can you catch prediction
With all of your provision?

Are you filling up a void
That's there if you are not?
Think of all that you can be
And the part of it called me.

Wild Onion



On the star of paradise
Rocky paths to mountains high
Get a glimpse of it way up
Take a wild ride to the top.

What's it like to feel alive?
In the great wild, terrified
Balanced on a breaking wave
Reckless racing on ahead.

This course has just two speeds:
Gallop on a heaving steed,
Or panting wait till others be
Part of the will to be free.

If you like a different pace
Better find a different race
This one likes to run always
Hard to change his preference.

Tearing up the steepest slope
Striking hoof beats on the stone
Salt and pepper in a sweat
Just try to hold on to it.




This is the new page
We'll not violate it
Our intention's rather
Its embellishment.

Thought comes about
To its starting point
Hesitates exhausted
In its existence.

Now at full cycle
Experience gained
The servant humble
Is master again.

Those who hold onto
Whatever they think
Can lay down the burden
They're now on the train.

Me in You



If I could just say a word
It would be one you've heard
Many times and also spoke
But maybe never came to know.

The word is service, for the One
Service for the One alone
All that we can say or do
Offered by the me in you.

Creation we have laid to waste
It's hardly now a better place
Unless we serve we will fade
Extinction means stupidity.

The master is one who serves
He knows that it's all there is
Childlike in a joyful trance
Heartbeats in a rhythmic dance.




Simple in principle
Abandon the self
Then all's evident.

Pause to reflect
Floating in now
Nought art thou.

You only last for
Just a quick while
Till all is found.

In this moment
Stillness in time
Thine a fine mind.

Offer up smiles
Love the divine
Is at your side.

Distance distilled
The triangle home
Flames of it show.

Your sword of light
Cuts two to one
Use it, my son.

River Life



River of rivers, courses of waters
Here at the shore where they end
Thru all dislevels, ever it races
Flood that delivers life to all takers.

Wrinkled our faces, with scars in places
We're named after captains that came
Long before we spoke they murmured
Hymns with refrains of praise.

Rivers of life, caressing the earth
Ample and wide, rough coursing first
We have survived, and now no tide
Or wave can the horizon hide.




This person sits in meditation
His legs are folded together
His hands lie in each other
His spine is straight and still.

This person sits in Meditation
There is now no past
There is nothing to resolve
No burden left to carry.

This person sits in meditation
There is now no future
There are no desires at all
There is no impulse or will.

This person sits in meditation
This body is no longer his
It is part of this world
It will die and disappear.

This person sits in meditation
These thoughts may stop now
The endless dream fantasy
Is no longer a distraction.

This person sits in meditation
There's nothing left to be
No grasping separate existence
There's no I, there's only it.

Mind's Eye



We must all understand
Life is what life defined
Time to end destruction
Of all kinds caused by man.

This earth's the perfect place
For our dreams to come true
We can use it as we want
It must be healthy though.

Only life can give life
All comes from it alone
Our ideas of how to live
Must fit in this our home

High and wide the eagle flies
While creatures stir below
He sees all with a small eye
Is our mind's eye as good?




Big dream machine
Gassed up to go
Where, no one knows.

Who wants to run a
Race with no end?
Still yours is consent.

Born of the notion
Nothing is better
Than simply being,

The child is happy
Gets sadder with age
Finds ways to survive.

Sense you can find it
On some long beach
Out of mind's reach.

She Wrote



A cormorant was flying
A cloud was seen on high
A dove was in the foliage
A turtle crawled on by.

Turn around till dizzy
Far as you can count
Thumping out a rhythm
Bouncing bones about.

Yes we know the future
Surprises are in store
For the faithful servants
And the deadly bored.

Living in the spaces
Humming with the notes
Making all the gestures
That is all she wrote.




He was alone, in his den
Outside was a hurling wind
A window blew open then
Came this realization.

All was seen in that flash
Of the storm upon his house
Had he not been gathering
All the leaves now scattering?

Then was his electric eye
Solemn witness to the light
Finding asymmetric shapes
Written in its jagged rays.

He's an animal, but wise
Seeing reason from all sides
Morning coming once again
With the dream's vanishing.

Rhymes with Beans



Beans and cornbread
Eat some and see
If that mighty mass
Moves on easily.

Cornstein's theory
Said: gas is produced
Applying a cycle
Of first in first out.

But life's not impressed
By predictions so
Experiment and none
Was the result, amigo.

Now his winkled brow
Cuts a furrow new
A better non believer
You'll not listen to.

The worm has churned
And chimed thru time
And his frame finally
Still rhymes with beans.

All Ones



This was the way
To kneel at her side
And offer himself
To his companion.

Gracious always
Smiles as he says
That she is inside
And all is offered.

Accepting the gift
Of body and intent
In the only cause
Life in all forms.

The Father is there
As lightning strikes him
The warrior proclaims
That she is the one.

The universe called
To perfect silence
A sacred moment
When just she exists.

A Castle for a Battle



Aye, pleased to meet yer
Gov'ships 'n eminences
Here on yer wide quadrant
With all yer fine vestments.

Aye 'n pleased to see yer
All out in fine plumage
With arms and armor
So splendidly lustered.

Aye so commence then
Yer grand agitation
While we build this 'ere
Castle for th' occasion.

The Bing Bong Song



Oh the Bing Bong Song
Doesn't last very long
That's the best thing about it.

So the Bing Bong Song
Is just one strophe long
If no one goes for it.

But the Bing Bong Song
Can go on pretty long
When you are up for it.

Yes the Bing Bong Song
Can last all day long
But that's not the limit.

Cause the Bing Bong Song
Can drag on so long
That you, not it, are finished.

(add your own lyrics)




You can catch me with a wink
But if you blink then I am free
Tell me when there's no thought
Left that's worth thinking.

Her tearful staring moves me
How now should we go on
A silver glow on celluloid
Foto finish nose to nose.

Yes her breasts are sweetness
And cause the deepest sighs
The feather bed broke its stead
Uncovered lovers bruised and proud.




History's forgotten
And tomorrow's play
The body, a statue
Has hollowed away.

The arrowlike spine
Launched from inside
What is, is found
With space all around.

Quiet, ignoramus
No more of your taunts
Think on these words
No more do you haunt.

But ever be careful
Always on alert
With calm eyes smiling
Where you once were.

An angel's wings
And hallowed head
Will bow when you sigh
The one breath inside.

D of D



The death of death
Is all that's left
Was that not
It's own intent?

So dream of Love
And then wake up
Remember then
It never was.

Drunk Dreaming



On the gang, whistling low
He turned down old blues street
Looking for a place to drink.

He drank all his pay gone
Then he staggered on some
To his ship to pass out.

You could say he took a dive
Still he's later there inside
When it finally sails away.

But on the streets outside
Where that cold wind cries
There ain't no place to hide.

Blues man just blows on
His hands and then his horn
He ain't just drunk dreamin'.

Free Dumb



Everyone is free
Even the poor oldie
Locked in a bod
Thinking it is he.

So grim is his grip
As life drains to drip
Songs turned to chirp
So who is the bird?

Wristy fist rhythm
Making the bread
Heart beating spasms
Stained bloodlike red.

Catching the tune
He seizes a belle
Waltzing a shuffle
And trying to smile.

Say is he happy
Lips so thinly set
Soon to abandon
Whatever he gets.

Lirico Logo



The triangle symbolizes unity of all existence
The sword symbolizes man's desire to know
The triangle is formed by strokes of the blade
The sword is placed inside and raised
The edge cuts thru all appearances
The tip shatters diamond, light then appears.




Jamboree, the juice is running
Down the stove leg can't you see
Jam pot please keep on sloppin'
Let the poor boy lick for free.

That must be blackberry syrup
Missy's cooking it up hot
It'll sho'nuff burn yo' fingers
If you stick 'em in the pot.

This time tho' all that steam
Done pushed the lid away
This time all that jam is gon'
Get itself licked, yessiree.

Learning to Serve



Have there been few of good intent
Upright men who did not bend
Serving no cause less than Life
Seeing all as part of it?

Who of the lot did not seek
Love in his earthly stay
Who knew that the arm is thought
Making apes intellectuals.

When we failed was not the cause
That stupidity had reversed
What we knew the better course
That our own brains proposed?

We ask for no miracles
Beyond life, that we revere
Service is our only cause
And way out of ignorance.

The Jewel Case



Was it then simple?
No, one would say,
For he was but one,
And they were many.

But one man who serves
His One Master well,
Can still defeat all
Those who have failed.

So Jesu just threw
The glove in their face,
And called them all out
To fight in their way.

Just two among them
Had ever been saviors,
Moses had lead them
And David stood brave.

But now the foe was
The corrupters of Truth.
"Vipers" he called them,
"Hypocrites," and fools.

They trembled in rage,
And planned to have slain
This great democrat
With crowds at his back.

The warrior then came
To play in their game;
The one they knew best:
The one they professed.

It was a duel,
So a second he chose:
The witness called John,
To write down their words.

But their verbal assaults
All came to nought;
Their questions were traps,
But he answered each one.

So gracious the touch
Of the Master of Love,
Giving jewels for free
To his poor 'enemies.'

And never had ever
A man with such ease
Destroyed ignorance
By just being free.

They knew they had lost
And ruined the rest;
"We win or won't play"
We all know the brats.

But the record survived
For that was the pact.
He knew a small light
Could vanquish the night.

"I could have done more"
His real agony;
Then thanks to the Father
For humanity freed.

(then he fell asleep)

Three Triangles



In triangular sleep
Arms and legs eased
Hands cushioning
The head heavily.

Palms opened up
Capturing rays of
Benediction from
Angels attending.

Behind the lids
In silence then
Without a whim
Darkness within.

Just one last thought
All is yours, now
Just one last breath
This one should do.

One tiny spark
But it's enough
To start distant
Deep space fireworks.

You're Sons



Life is now yours
Shaped in the cause
You're soldiers of
The understanding.

When called, the sons
Show they they know
That the battle's won
With courage and love.

Our banner reads
We never desist
Till the end comes
We'll do our best.

Stand fast now sons
Against ignorance
You're pillars of
The one existence.




It never was ever
Closer than now
None can ignore that
It's here somehow.

Sweet the sound of
Free splashing waves
So different from
Moaning of slaves.

When someone sings
Of love. all listen
Life itself finds
True inspiration.

So if you should
Hear then these words
Know that they're for
All those who love.

What's E?



What is evil? Ignorance
Knowing little, just pretense
It tries with lies to extend
Its stupid non existence.

What is good? Honesty
Telling it the way it is
Being, not content to seem
This is life, not a dream.

Knowledge is the measure of
All that we've achieved on earth
All we've done, all we've thought
In each battle freedom fought.




A splintered coalition,
Waves from far away
Cresting and crashing
Smoothing sand again.

Winds whip up the water
The ocean barely moves
Hurricanes above it
Slow currents below.

The wanderer is weary
Feet have worn the stone
No surprise to him when
Every road leads home.

Was this his volition
To finish on the beach?
Suddenly a senseless
Liberated beast.




Riding an immense armored eagle
His saddle astride all dimensions
He's the only one that travels
The voyager inside our heads.

He holds the reins of the senses
And pushes out to make a face
His extension is evolution
And we are his master race.

Within the walls of awareness
Signaling to the verbal brain
At the cross point of the eyes
Sits the author of reality.

He rides on a river of light
And lets it massage his feet
Long and hard he has battled
To make the man you are today.

Voyager, the one inside
The eagle rider, the designer
Spirit craftsman, the giver
Missionary of Life, the lover.




Some one gave a name
To this time and place
And gave us feeble lamps
To light the dark and damp.

Sunlight stirs an urge
Of molecules in us
Food for roving frames
It's evolution's game.

We've been so long gone
From what we once were
Home's now a stride away
Thanks, and we embrace.

This in remembrance
Of our love's eloquence
Courtship and rivalry
Lasting till we're free.

Thunk Up



Here's a song about some one
That never ever lived.
So we can never know
What he never did.

He could've been most anyone
That a bod could be,
But he missed the gist of it
To exist like you and me.

How would he have looked
Who would've looked at him
All untold possibility
Mind boggling in the extreme.

Oh well, let's not drone on
Longer than enough.
There's really nothing much to say
You can see that much.

With this postscript we desist
And stop this pretense of
One who never ever was,
Someone someone thunk up.

Three Threes



All told there's silence yet
As they contemplate complaint
Nothing is the sum of what
Till now they've had to say.

Some are curious, not much
Most are black faced thieves
Who use encounter for insult
And so their fate is sealed.

Any that show disrespect
For the sons of light
Will receive chastising slaps
And sobbingly retreat.

Any who would harm them
Are destroyed before the deed
Angels stand beside all those
Who defend humanity.

A sword slashes the fiercest wind
Before it mounts the slope
Meditation moves the very earth
The cooling floating crusts.

I believe the Father sees
Each bird that shows its wings
And as though it was his voice
He hears the whispering trees.

Today there was blue on blue
Of perfect sky on sea
And the white of rolling waves
That crashed in front of me.

Beside me is the perfect child
Of love light imagery
We laugh together and go on
The road to infinity.

Thin King



The answer is yes
What was your quest?
Did you not ask
Has the thought passed?

Or are you grazing
Not in a race then
On a pale vacation
From all life's raging?

And no applause
From the dreamed of
For on this stage
We're actors all.

Long has this fight
Battled with night
Thin king now holds
Up his frail light.

The Weather



Let's talk about the weather
Anything to break the ice
Springtime changes me you see
Warming trends are nice.

It's today, so sun and rain
And even foul is fine
Drops that sizzle on the plain
Clouds all dark at night.

Now we'll put on a strut
And wheel about the globe
Dig the atmosphere as such
This weather stuff's a hoot.

Summer is the long term trend
Your heart is pumping heat
Climaxes in non thinking
A river drowning seed.

When fall is ripe your belly too
It's born not one turn off
A sunlit orbit of our sphere
About a moving star.

Little Angel



Never has evil
Triumphed over good
Darken its brilliance
Is all that it could.

Always attracted
By its great beauty
Always fascinated
What it wants to be.

But being it means
Finding it elsewhere
In the faces of others
In the splendor of life.

Pure and untouched
Forever is it free
The spirit that lives
In you, the unseen.

Little angel protect us
And this precious life
With your sword of light
So quick and precise.

The Last of One



The last of one had then come
And so then must come two
Yet before its time was up
Separation had begun.

Still this night at her side
He raised the sword again
Slicing thru a thousand years
Of ignorance and hatred.

By her grace we are saved
And because of his belief
And all of their evil forms
Fell before the blade.

Liars, thieves, and their ways
Are slashed to groaning waste
The ashes of their ugly lives
Will not leave a trace.

If he can ask, then for this
That love and light should reign
And that hostility and hate
Should cease in that moment.

Come then possess us all
Make us your form in deed
The vehicle that you create
To coexist with the supreme.

The Horizon



The Horizon is a circle
A circle on a sphere
Broken by the mountains
Until they disappear.

From underwater cover
We have crawled above
Seeking the sensation
Of drying on the shore.

Clams have comfy homes
That break up on the beach
They live there sifting silt
From their broken pieces.

Travel and you stray from
Who you think you are
In the dream extinction
We finally are no more.

Should one say yes to
A falling drop of rain?
Or simply let it splatter
On the higher brain.

The End of E



And so now the battle's on
With the idiot, the evil one
The snake bite venom runs
But those who will to, will live on.

Now he is to be trampled on
All of his lies to be undone
Never more will he become
Other than the lowest one.

Now's the time to confront
Ignorance in all its forms
We are armed and determined
To end evil, to destroy it.

The Cult of Life



We profess our faith, it is Life
And the way it has survived
In every form that it assumes
In each expression of its art.

Our practice this, to protect it
To keep the sacred flame lighted
To revere its every aspect
To share graciously the planet.

Abandoning our vicious ways
We dedicate our renaissance
To the One worth believing in
And to all Life in creation.

The Buddha



He was the one who knew
The thorns on all that grows
Men's lives by thoughts torn
Urgent distraction, never atoned.

Desire aside and suffering
The calm sunrise inside him
There was no I or need for
Separation and its seeming

But old questions slowed him
On the straight road to nirvana
The sightless eyes of lepers
The darkened lives of others.

Can he help us then to see
We are already enlightened?
Behind the joined eyebrows
He awaits our now awareness.




Thank you for this very day
That you gave to us for play
Thank you for the sun above
That gives life to all on earth.

Thank you for the million ways
Life is stirring in this place
Thank you for the garden wide
Where we can live our lives.

Thank you for the seasons change
That we should know these things
Thank you for our bodies strong
They are vehicles of your love.

Thank you for the sustenance
Of life itself in many forms
Thank you for its perfection
Let us then be just like them.

Thank you for the masters who
Have helped us all to grow
Thank you for their gentle words
Showing us what life is worth.

Thank you master, thank you lord
Infinite is what you are
Thank you for the love with which
You have shaped our existence.

Love and Tenderness



It's a long and painful journey
From the cradle to the grave
For poor boys who never learn
To give love and tenderness.

A woman's love can change all that
She'll show you her sweet smile
But even after she is yours
Give her love and tenderness.

A daily dose of hugs and kisses
The prescription for the missus
It's really all that she needs
Lots of love and tenderness.

It costs you little, but it pays
Pounds for pennies, aye so lads
Make sure to fill her cup always
With your love and tenderness.

Love her and you'll satisfy
Your own desire to give
Honor her, the one you chose
Give her love and tenderness.




It's easy to ask why
Seven is so right
I agree with the question
But the answer is a lie.

There's been so much fabric
Woven round our lives
All those flags and fragments
Marked our clustered days.

Seven is the number
Of the saintly rolling dice
When he must be mustered
His uniform's disguise.

This came from an angel
That came from afar
To split a perfect circle
Use a seven pointed star.

I hear heels clicking
Hands that brush aside
I know where it's going
To take me up so high.

Love is Here



Are you here? then you know
That we must grow and grow
Anything we seem to be
Is a step of infinity.

All are moving, in their way
On a road that ends some day
When it does, we go to One
In light and at last, in love.

Stretch your hands to the sky
Let your imagination fly
Thru every cloud of doubt
To the eternal Father.

As you think, so you become
You are divine if you deem so
Give then thanks to this earth
And surrender only to the truth.

Love is here
Love is Lord
Of this world
Of the above.

Midday Meal



Peaches and berries are the best
Bananas, eat 'um up
Oranges, the little suns
Just can't get enough.

Almonds build the body out
Eat cashews till you laugh
White coco teeth chew up
Nuts can't do without.

Raisins, apricots, and dates
Apples, pears, and figs
Follow them with pure honey
Giving thanks. for all is given.

Both Sides



Singing songs of bravery
All creation's here to see
Small or great as one can be.

After many foreign postings
Nothing is the balance won
A soldier scarred, limping on.

In the fight to survive
The victim was all illusion
Empty the crown of victory.

Still there must be a smile
For the son that comes home
Loving heart that greets his own.

Now in this quiet moment
Accept his sword and helmet
And say that he fought well.

Could it be the unknown
Passing from both sides the door
Stopped in the entrance way?

Now What?



If there is just one
Then it's the right one
So we should have known
That anything can happen.

Wandering are those asleep
What course does dream keep?
Ancient conflicts will it on
Love it cannot leave alone.

The prince was never missing
Still faded was our hope
Scant applause for life's parade
Non partakers line the slope.

You in the experiment
Don't you find it frightening?
We can disappear this scene
Or try to salvage love again.

Learning to Breathe



The colors go pastel from white
There's blue at first always
Yellow is the sun that comes
Lighting the horizon pink.

First the roots, then the leaves
Green in all of life schemes
Beautiful the flower head
The future in a seed of red.

Transparent, just a pale
Suggestion of a bony veil
Jerky movement in the fluid
Lives by taking life into it.

An eye held above the wave
For a blurred look into space
If that body learns to breathe
It can drag on up the beach.

Scars and Bars



Sinister occurrences
Monumental disrespect
All that was then missing
That's what we recollect.

Was their will that no one
Could ever live as well?
In the slow parading
Just they remain ahead?

It was thought control, mate
And so we rang the bell
Still it won't sound always
Get out of your jail cell.

Leave now before you feel
The blade upon your neck
The savage wants you to be
Just as scarred and wretched.

Slow Go



Eye in the triangle
Inside and out
Complete is its frame
Within and without

Free but contained
A tight melody
Flowing vibrations
Seeming is seen.

Authors are many
Sages are few
I of the first kind
But no I no two.

Thought stumbles on
Silence is still
Desire is confusion
Its way is its will.

Knowing that somehow
All things are known
Slow go awareness
Struggles back home.

Cotton Shucking



It's cotton shucking time
Generous was the vine
Stand we at the stead
Where the clothes are shed.

However did it ever
Get so complicated
Used to just hang there
Or hide behind some hair.

At last we're made one
Now that all's undone
Fumbling on this way
Gods and beasts are made.

Sorry Pace



The long way, the wrong way
We tried every blind alley
Were we ever even clever
Or just fleeing from the weather.

Never time to stop to think
Driven like a drunk for drink
Smashing glass, screaming steel
Living with machines that kill.

Progress, at a sorry pace
We're emerging from disgrace
Moving in our very wake
Fading smiles on aging faces.

Get up and gallop
Sons of the wind
The horizon's approaching
This time we must win.

Float Over



Drifting down a lazy river stream
The paddle's in the water not moving
Under the faceless hat you see
Someone's chewing on a weed slowly.

The river started fast and wild
Then its banks broadened out
Rolled past fields and metro lands
And reached the bayou beyond.

You and canoe, no one who's
There to agree or dispute
Just a fish, surprised to see
Five toes float over: me.




Come out children in the sun
The time for all to play has come
Come down from your wooden seats
Come out to run, laugh and leap.

The pencil's snoozing in a groove
The paper's flat as it can be
The books go back to their bindings
The classroom can go back to sleep.

The kids are outside playing rough
It may be play, but it is tough
Want to know what life's about?
Find a game where you can shout.

Spittin' Image



All are free
From ignorance
And slavery.

Now the light
Of love is might
Ours the planet.

Surely goodness
Will follow this
Our aim to serve.

There is no past
To hinder us
No future fears.

This the creation
That we adore
Vostro, Signore.

Star Life



Rays of light from far above
From our sun, one star of
The galaxy, a swirling sea
Of fireworks in infinity.

An atom's like a star we see
Large is small relatively
Incandescent points of light
Glowing brightly in the dark.

What is man in everything?
Can he be the one to bring
A lighted lamp to the door
Of his eternal creator?

A lifetimes passes briefly
And so does all humanity
When swimming in infinity
Free is all that one can be.

Sweet Stout



Take a draft of
Life's strong drink
With the mouth of
A beast that thinks.

There's flood and draught
In changing seasons
Old ones groaning
Young ones whimpering.

Stiff the stuff of
Life's grand chalice
Bubbles bursting in
Frothing malice.

And bitter can the
Stout become, mate
But drink on of its
Sweet non ending.

To Nul



You don't have to go beyond
The road between work and home
Before you get what's going on.

We don't know what happened
While the best lay still asleep
Strangers came, sowing weeds.

Now think upon your words
Suppose not that you failed
Waves you made, on them sailed.

Upright again after the fall
Exhausted effort for the call
Still trying to recall at all.

Put a stop to nightmares too
Slowing to wish well to those
Who haven't been close to nul.

Who Dat?



Who dat rappin'
Who dat rappin'
Who dat chattin'
Prancin' 'n clappin'

Who dat hot dog
Who dat mad hog
Who dat fussin'
Struttin' 'n spattin'

Who dat black jack
Who dat jock strap
Who dat blabbin'
Stompin 'n jabbin'

Who dat up ther'
Who dat mad bear
Who dat barkin'
Hoppin' 'n hawkin'

The 35th



And so that faithful
Thirty fifth of April
Fell on the fifth of May.

What then was not
(But then what wasn't?)
Was but a short hop away.

Here is your present
Open and see what
You got for today.

Why do you tick, clock
In minutes and seconds
When it's now always?

R and R



Here's a picture of the moment
Don't tell me you're not in it
It's your act so get into it
It's your gig so better dig it.

Pignose amp and Rikibi
Smells of fish and hushpuppies
Tonight In the old trash can,
That's the name of the bar, man.

Just a band of busted smokers
They come on before the punkers
The place is filled up with faces
None of them of tender ages.

First the lid and then the can
Then they come back on again
Bashing eardrums dashing brains
With the same twelve bar refrains.

Rock and roll in the alley
Rock and roll in the garage
Rock and roll in the basement
Rock and roll never stops.

Knuckles and Nails



Banners are flowing
And they fill the streets
Marching beside those
Who are keeping beat.

A gasp and a grasp
The energy flows
In anguished strife
With who is the foe.

The one common factor
In all history's tales
The ancient survivor,
Old knuckles and nails.

Falling Up



Pointing fingers, faces pout
How'd it get so balled up?
All around across the earth
Feeling lighter, falling up.

You trip and you're falling
Falling off the Earth
Not a log in your eye
But a ball of rock.

In the air you're falling
It's fly or crash in flames
If you fly on you're gone
Amid the starry zillions.

Let's couple up, double up
Let's couple up, bubble up
Come on baby let's go up
On up to the up and up.

Grazie Roma



Grazie, campioni siete,
Undici sul prato verde.
Roma e' adesso vostra,
Festeggiamo la vittoria.

Oggi questa squadra e'
Prima fra le migliori.
Roma caput mundi calcio,
Tutto il mondo guarda Voi.

Prendete dunque questi lauri,
Nostri eroi, guerriglieri.
Adesso nelle mutandine,
Scappate per le vostre vite!

Best Lines



What lines would go best
When to recite is to invent?
Each is calling out his name
Even together we're alone.

In a show that's so intense
That we pretend a part in it,
All our words have become
Lost in greater vibrations.

Yes, thought is here too,
A rabid pig on the loose,
Snouting forward thru the dirt,
Snorting, rolling in the muck.

Mankind sways to stay upright,
We haven't quite perfected it.
But if we do, we'll succeed,
And when we do, we'll be free.

One To



In the company of sages,
Those who named the ages,
One was first before them all.

Their dream vacation spaces
May have had their takers
Comfort their pain replaces.

But best the gods could do
Was smile, hold up the bloom;
Better is a beast that paces.

What grand spectacles for
Those who wanted more war
More coins for their coffins.

There were also those few
Who knew best was bow to
The One in all, the master.

Buddha's Smile



Antenna to the cosmos
The human body
Perfection of nature
Bridging realities.

Each single bone is
Superbly mind crafted
Fitting together to
A princely vehicle.

Now sitting calmly
Balanced, serene
Man child emerging
From duality.

No longer his trying
Some other volition
Came in this frame
To see evolution.

Ascending the spiny
Straight way to heaven
The last foothold
Is Buddha's smile.

High and Low



I went up on a high place,
Seeking the beauty of high places,
There I found it,
And rejoiced in It.

I came down from a high place
From the beauty of high places,
I came to the lowlands,
To lands that lie below.

There too there was beauty.
It was not the beauty of high places
Still it was beautiful
In its lowly way.

Save Me



Save me Lord, from the poverty
Of thinking how I am or will be.
Have mercy, set this poor heart free
To sing a sweeter melody.

Rolling Still



Walking down a road of rails,
You're on one, I'm on another,
Walking down that mirror road.

It's a road that rolls forever,
Rolls on hills and rolls on levels,
Rolls on curves and rolls on bevels.

As you breathe you fire the engine,
As you think you turn the wheels,
Let go and still you're rolling,

Rolling, rolling, rolling still,
Always rolling, rolling still,
Always rolling, always still.

Beings in Time



the measure of closeness
makes everything smaller
in stature and time.

the pulse of the living
extends past our vision
in rhythm and time.

the voice of the living
projecting horizons
of beings in time.

the vision of living
the shape and the color
of each moment in time.

the measure of movement
repeated and counted
visions of life.

My baby, baby doll



My baby, baby doll,
You are so wonderful,
More woman than them all.
I stand before you but
There is no one at all,
Just so much love for baby doll.

My baby, baby doll,
I'm just a normal guy,
I don't stand very tall.
How could I ever even
Win your love at all?
But baby doll I love you so.

Who knows how the world began,
Or knows how it will end,
Or how we find ourselves in
This infinity of dreams.
I only know how tears flow
When I call your name,
And that my heart aches so
To be with you again.

My baby, baby doll,
You are an angel, did you
Only stop to call,
Or will you stay with me?
How I need your love,
Please baby, be my baby doll.

My baby, baby doll,
I know you know that I
Will give you all, my all,
All I have or will have,
All that I am is yours,
If you'll just be my baby doll.

My baby, baby doll,
I love you now, I know
I'll love you when I'm old.
Until my final words
Unto you I have told:
My baby doll, 'I love you so..'

Count to One



A white page
Is one you can
Write on and write
On and on.

And any one worthy
Of the name earthly
Lives so in wonder
And so lives on.

Creed makes believe
But life just says live
Fashioning passion
Under the sun.

If you're the actor
Who is the author?
Are not your lyrics
Part of the song?

Eyes of love sparkle,
No statue of marble
Could ever like you
Count up to one.




I've been to all the bars on Mars,
A place where they are scarce,
You can go but there's no road,
Loose your hair but save your scalp.

Doing nothing can be tiring,
And waiting's surely waste,
So much suspended action,
This using belt and braces.

Ah for a true life sensation,
The thrill of being you,
Don't just sniff a whiff of it,
Stand up and have a brew.

Spend your days in non regret
All striving but strife no,
Learn to live in your world,
And learn to listen too.

Dream Relief



From all the dreams I dream
You give me true relief
So squeeze me please lady
You're the fantasy I need.

Overboard they threw me
As man bait to the deep
It was then you found me
And make of me your fish.

Light was not about to
Ever stop its show
Any sphere would orbit
A sunrise star like you.

Christmas comes once yearly
But you come every day
Should we keep the rhythm
Nothing's in our way.

selling numbers



I made an easy fortune,
In the easiest of ways,
I can even prove it,
As logical as math.

I did it selling numbers,
And of them there's a lot.
Nobody's ever counted,
Up to where they stop.

But all the lower numbers
Were special in their way;
I decided better start with
Those some powers away.

Soon the wizards came on
High rollers of the trade
With bargain mega gigas
And made of it their game.

Now if you want a number
You'll pay a pretty price
And if you want a small one
They blind you in both eyes.

I never sold the first one,
Its value was too high
Now I'm glad I didn't
I shall keep it till I die.

Passing Rock



Stillness in the starry sky
An asteroid was passing neigh
But coming close enough to earth
To destroy the lot of us.

Yet it missed us, and we gazed
Vaguely at its dusty wake
Brighter than any planet
A rock shining like a comet.

Was a moral in this miss
Nothing could have stopped it
No one even had a prayer
Our last one we'd say there.

The human race's still running
We're nearing to the tape
But we can still stumble
If we're unlucky or we fail.

I pray that all men would
Open their hearts and minds
And receive the benediction
That is already theirs.

Attract Attack



Axis of attraction
Rings of displaced space
Gravity in action
Gyrating away.

Propagates like crazy
An egg, a seed, and thee,
There's a mighty number
Of you in between.

Snore a sleeping rhythm
A score for a dream
Seamless integration
Fantasy must breathe.

Not just dawn you hear
The rooster crows all day
His crest is blazing red
That sports a cackling beak.

Now's the magic moment
To stretch out your stays
Helps when you believe
You were here always.

Brits and Grits



French are so damn philosophical,
You know, "What is Life"

Germans, they like structure,
Systems and order.

Brits just seem above it,
Trudging away lordly.

Chinese live together all
Backs together make a wall.

Indians have their splendors
Hidden away at home.

Americans are many faced,
A transfusion of the world.

Life We Waste



How this life we waste away,
Only waking up to say
Don't think I'll do much today.

How we are so unamused,
Self absorbed, self abused,
Mundane, bored, barely used.

Shallow and so poor our love,
We rarely give or deserve,
Just little shreds of the absurd.

But yes, life is worth so much,
Priceless, measureless, untouched,
Incredible and grandiose.

So why grovel and complain?
Why want every day the same?
Should we not change our name?

We're learning, but so very slow,
All it is that we must know,
Before we leave this world below.

Paris Ici



Paris ici, parlant par douche telephone,
Des flots de mots doux qui coulent.
Je suis sous l'eau mais ca importe peu.
Si tu veux m'appeler, toujours tu peux.

Bien seule ce soir, mais pas triste,
Quand que je sens ta voix cherie,
Parle moi d'amour, parle de ton coeur,
On sera proches comme si tu etais ici.

Tout le long de mon corps tout nu,
Je sens bien tiede couler cette eau,
Reponds cherie, si tu en as envie,
Parle moi d'amour, si beau, si chaud.

La Estrella de Paraiso



En las noches claras del verano,
Se ven las estrellas, luces lontanos,
Unos pocos rayos vienen a los ojos,
Muchos viajaran per sempre nel espacio.

En cima la collina una finca conozco,
Se llama la Estrella de Paraiso.
Un pedazo de foresta muy precioso,
La Pura vida como Dios la creo'.

Una casa bien bonita tambien veo
Hecho de madera y ladrillo rojo
Sus padrones viven alli' contentos
Con la naturaleza por todos lados.

Nicoyanos somos, Guanacastecos,
Hijos orgullosos de padres honestos,
Y nuestros hijos, como nosotros,
Seran personas veras, hijos de Dios.

Three Seconds Worth



It was a good lesson,
Not sure it was learned,
My "how are you doing?"
Her "no stone unturned."

It all seemed so fragile,
A dream that awoke,
A maybe tomorrow,
A quote from love's ghost.

A flame that was feeding
On the air all around.
A curve that was changing,
From silence to sound.

Maybe my thrust was
Not parry riposte,
But mind was churning,
The three seconds worth:

"You be my smile.."
Now that's intimacy,
"And I'll stop trying,"
Whenever you please.