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Gary Owen


Tamworth, England, UK

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Gary Owen

This poem i have written,
Is from us all, to remember Gran,
Memories, past and present,
From or hearts, you'll understand.

Hobbies she's had a plenty,
Interests she's had a few,
Happiness that kept her going,
Goodtimes spent, old and new.

Football was the sport for her,
Newcastle was the team,
One day they'll win the Premiership,
And fulfil her Football dream.

Family and friends, she has a lot,
The world she thought of these,
Whenever anyone needed her,
All she would do, was please.

Her heart was filled with gold and joy,
She touched every soul with love,
Happiness given to everyone,
She'll protect us, from the Heavens above.

Whenever we did see our Gran,
She always smiled for us,
They'd be hugs and kisses, cuddles too,
And never a bad word or fuss.

An Angel's face, that lights up the room,
Her smile goes from ear to ear,
This is the memory of our Gran,
We'll remember for all of our years.

the last cry


Gary Owen

The princess of the ice ring had laid to rest,
Her dream had left her world; olympic gold, forever, buried.
In her heart, an orange ember still glimmered,
Though she smeared sad tears over Torino.
The moment had come; Cinderella had to die.
The sun would never bleed amber joy, again.
Good night Michelle, good night!