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Lynn Owen


Liverpool, England, UK

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Lynn Owen

The day you left
my mascara ran
my lipstick faded
and those white lacy
knickers you bought me
they turned grey

The following day
I went shopping in
town, I bought
waterproof mascara
long lasing lipstick
and black knickers

I met two nice shirts
one wears a tie
(third finger left hand)
he reminds me of you

Eat my apples


Lynn Owen

In my orchard
you may help yourself.
Ripe pickings,
blueberry blooms
and sticky fruits
are yours for the gathering.
When a storm blows in
it teases berries
from amongst the leaves
pulls roots
from rich dark soil
leaving my beautiful garden
in total turmoil.
The apples dropped
are succulent and green in flavour.
Each time you devour one
it's me that you savour.