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The Web Poetry Corner

Friends of Poetry

Love Poems and QuotesLove Poems and Quotes--- Contact: Ken --- A collection of romantic love poems and quotes, as well as a free monthly poetry contest.
Whisper From The HeartWhisper From The Heart Poetry Club--- Contact: Stan Almendro --- Read and write poems; short stories about love, romance, family, friends, and sadness. Share your creativity, enter competitions, post photos.
My Love PoetMy Love Poet--- Contact: Govindram Balijepally --- Personalized, Classic, Friendship, Romantic, Love Poems and Quotes
Silent WordsThe Poets' Corner--- Contact: Nan Crussell --- Personalized poetry calendars plus original poems from around the world!
PersistentPersistent Mirage --- Contact: Bryon D. Howell --- The Persistent Mirage is an online poetry magazine currently open to submissions from poets over the age of 18. All styles welcomed. Guidelines on website.
McDreamA Biker's Dream --- Contact: Eddie O'Hara --- A website built around A Motorcycle Dream - A poem telling of a biker's motorcycle fantasy. Other poetry by Eddie O'Hara of Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia is on the site as well.
AureliusAurelius Publishing --- Contact: Leona Van Moorter --- Flemish/Dutch literary website with 'English Pages' dedicated to (mostly amateur) poetry from all over the world.
MaaikeStudio Plankton --- Contact: Maaike van Steenis --- Maaike van Steenis is a Dutch girl who writes poetry and performs these poems together with two musicians. Later in 2003 she will record a cd.
ShawCastle of Verse --- Contact: Rita Pal --- A collection of poetry based on the sections of a castle. The poetry is placed within a background of art. Contains a chat room where poets can share ideas and featured poet's section where new poets can submit their material for submission.
highwayPoetry Super Highway --- Contact: Rick Rupert --- A major resource for online poets and writers featuring hundreds of categorized links to poetry/writing related websites as well as two new featured poets online each week. There is a poetry chat room, contests, poetry classifieds, and a bookstore.
JewelPoetry Jewels --- Contact: Sharon Esther Lampert --- The sole purpose of my poetry is to add LIGHT to your soul. Poet, philosopher, prophet, politician and princess.
FirstWriterFirstWriter Contests --- Contact: J. Paul Dyson --- Almost every well-known writer started out by winning a writing contest, and now you can follow in their footsteps without leaving your desk! Entries can be made to's poetry contests online in seconds, meaning no more hassle and expense of SASEs! All subjects and all styles considered.
WristenThe Poetry of Joseph Mayo Wristen --- Contact: Joseph Mayo Wristen --- This site contains the poetry of Joseph Mayo Wristen, Mr. Wristen is also the author of dead dreams, and painting with words. He has two books on CD and is always looking for opportunities to attend, read, and sell his books at poetry readings.
The_SwirlThe Swirl --- Contact: Hakan Calbayram --- Includes Turkish poetry/translations as well as a wide selection of world poetry. There are many voices, many languages, the mixing of worlds, energies that are not controlled, with the potential to carry us to new places. It's the soundtrack of real human beings messing up the respectable borderlines of Nationality, Tradition and Authority.
SchoolZoneSchoolzone --- Contact: Philip Collie --- Schoolzone lists almost 400 poetry sites amongst 1,310 free English resources.
AttilaAttila the Stockbroker--- Contact: Attila the Stockbroker --- Social surrealist UK/world poet in the house! Been earning his living as a poet for 20 years, and quite proud of that. Out of the punk scene and all over the planet!
ArchflambeothArchflambeoth--- Contact: Sparrow Hawk --- A dreamworld full of prose, poetry, stories, webmaster services, and much, much more. Submit your written works to both/either the site itself, or our books, let us display your spoken work, or join our banner exchange. Come check out our tribute to the written word, Citalatal.
EnduringWisdomEnduring Wisdom--- Editor: Tula --- This site offers a large literature, philosophy, mythology and humanities reading library. Extensive reference desk, online newspapers, magazines. Free inspirational literary publications. Recommended reading with an emphasis on the classics, non-fiction and high-quality current fiction.
RichPoetryRich's Poetry Page--- Publisher: Rich --- A page where Rich can showcase his rambles. In particular, you should read Rich's 10 Misconceptions of Poetry!He also posts submissions by other poets.
ABCABC Poetry Podium --- Contact: Jean Raymond Maljean --- Another free place to post your own poetry. Mr. Maljean acts as editor and subsidizes the site.
FrostRobert Frost--- Robert Frost --- The Legacy of an American poet. A comprehensive website on Robert Frost. Great for research or poetry enthusiasts. You can find: a biography of Frost, poems, multimedia, a great links section and a built-in search engine.
ChristianWritersAncient Paths Literary Journal --- Contact: Skylar H. Burris--- Read some excellent literature and reviews, submit your own work, enter the trivia contest, or find valuable links for writers. "Better is one hand full with quietness than both hands full with tribulation and vexation of spirit."
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