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Allison Olsen


Malibu, CA, US

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Mr. Sun


Allison Olsen

At approximately 6am, the bright California sun makes his rise into another day, nothing unusual, just another day exactly the same as the one before.

Very few awaken to indulge in his beauty, except for maybe an occasional surfer walking along the beach in the early hours of the morning; but then again, he's probably to worried about the oncoming sets to concern himself with the sunrise.

Mommy awakens at the sound of her alarm, her daily signal to start the kids off to their day of school.

Daddy, the executive, has already gone and is busily working in the privacy of his office preparing briefs for a meeting to be held later in the day.

The sun sees it all. He is always there, waiting and pleading for recognition, hoping to one day share his beauty with all humanity.

He rises every morning, satisfied if he is able to reach even one solitary soul. He tries and tries throughout the day, and at the point of exhaustion, he takes a rest, always in hope of tomorrow.