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Kenneth Oliver


St. John's, NF, CA

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My Myriad of Lifeless Stars


Kenneth Oliver

At times, I'll gaze at the myriad of stars, that seem so bottomless in the sky.
This lifeless myriad that embalms my dreams.
No doubt that life is as real as the edge of the sword I run along
For the prickly way of the rose has always been my doom.

But who can say that all parts should be equal?
They complement each other in this world...
And only life can judge your beings merit,
And prove yourself by means of untained sword.



Kenneth Oliver

In the darkness
I turn to you,
Only you,
In search of meaning
In search of direction.

As I have been lost
For sometime
Without even
Realizing time has passed
Since you left
Mid day in April.

In that time
I walked many paths
Neither led to where I was going.
Or where I was getting lost to.
And when I stood
I spun in circles.
Ended facing the wrong way.

You were
You are
Always will be
My constellation
In the night sky.
My guiding light home.

Autumn Wind


Kenneth Oliver

And when I bend into the autumn wind
the faces of heavens dreams
will be there

I will find you, like the sun
Shining over the meadows
Small birds singing in praise

And I will listen for this sound of...
It will remain forever
Touching my hand... so you would

I need nothing else.

Untitled for Her


Kenneth Oliver

Trembling tears
Of ache hid inside
Wash mortality away and
Let me crash, and fall aside
By the sighing sky
Immensity from your lips
I wish I'd only die
To be near you everytime.