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Chiriac Octavian-Marius


Toronto, ON, CA

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Chiriac Octavian-Marius


" All I wish from You it's just a home.
With phosphorescent lights, like neon.
A corridor. Six rooms on left and six on right, the hall,
and to be built on vertical.
The elevator?
Not outside, interior...
Instead of roof, on top,

(with all oriented to exterior)
by three levels (round a rope),
the Theater for a nickel:
the balconies, (the upper circle),
and then the boxes and the stalls -
to even see the falling Niagara Falls,
and all those fireworks above the CN Tower

imagining a blooming flower .
I wish my home looks like a man
who's seating in the knees such as on he's began,
laying he's seat on the heels ;
in the left hand to have something like a shield .
And in the right hand to have an instrument to write.
Just like a meditating yogi. Isn't that right? "

"Just like a pike ! I've got the picture:
it's ... erotic . Keep going, cause I like!"
"So, through he's arms and through he's feet
when we'll be visited by our meets ,
let's put automatic stairs, no more .
And just six other levels under the ground floor.
I want four guardians outside;

each one to shout he's time at each two hours in the night ;
All four to know my name, all to be woman's,
the name of the fourth-one to be the name of planet Venus .
Inside I want three pretty secretary, and not at last,
when I dictate my poems, to write them loud, and fast ;
when I have visitors, to serve them our coffee without pants .
All nudes from middle to the soles . . .

Good day in several languages; so this was " lead -



To fill-up to our guests the deepest hole from their soulless...
My secretaries, for my letters, to be three envelopes, long.
Before to send them, to love to stick them with the tong ..."
"Hold on a second . And who yours visitors might be?"
"You know, those who always were the "inseparable three":
good friends, parliamentary, or priests, if they are that kind of special team ...
if their purposes seems important for me ... you know what I really mean ."

"O.K., O.K.. From what you wont to build your home? "
"Don't know. Something like glass and ... the lights of phospho-neon?
However, let's built it in the middle of the planet Hollywood,
and have around it a little forest and an little wood ,
and give it a name such as "I'm not who I am not" ,
and put upon all this our dote .
It's wise to keep the parents close ,

so they to wipe grandchildren's nose .
Endow the home with an tent; and built it
with chisels and, also without handle's, with brushes for paint.
I want some animals around:
the cattle's, the ox, the donkey ...
I want to see the grass is growing from the ground.
Instead of guns, medicaments,

it's also wise to give more than I take .
And I don't mind
if she's the same, but different all the time ...
Of course, the vineyard, the cereals be close!
And, I would like to be a place for discovering old physics laws,
(under the sun there's nothing new !)
For sample, the Human law : "You're human with me, I'm human with you !"

And just a little thing : the one who has no sins ,
throw with he's "Kooh I Noor" the first !" That was my last thought, if I think...
Not after long, I've find my self nude, on my knees.
Near me I've seen three empty cups of coffee, like three symbolic keys.
And she has settle down into my arms;
we've listening that song : "Obla-di, obla-da ..."
Where ever you are, we wish you a Happy New Year from Canada!

Good day in several languages; so this was " And -