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Richard Oakham


London, England, UK

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A knights loss


Richard Oakham

He climbs upon his emotional steed
All prepared to win the fight
Knowing only what he needs
Certain of his holy right

She spreads her wings and takes to flying
Looking for what she knows she needs
She thinks she cannot lose by trying
And thus does fate sow its deadly seeds

He travels on in all his glory
Intent upon his earthly gain
Shes flys unaware into his story
Unaware of the risk of pain

Attracted by the thought of winning
He draws his sword, he knows he's ready
Not thinking that killing her is sinning
His emotional sword is sharp and steady

She only sees the shining armour
For love has made her vision blind
She knows that he is what she sought for
She hopes he understands his find

Clouds collect, the wind is rising
Dragon and knight meet once again
He cannot perceive her tearful greeting
Mask'ed by the falling rain

So sword in hand, attacks unending
Piece by piece, he cuts her deep
She can but let him, love stops her defending
All she can do is stand and weep

And all too soon the fight is over
Her loveblood scattered, she dies in pain
He walks away from she who would be his lover
Her body washed by the tears of the falling rain

He never knew what he had wasted
He never looked past what his eyes could see
And now his life will be forever emptied
For the sake of one small victory