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Eileen Craughwell O'Reilly


York, England, UK

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Captured My Heart


Eileen Craughwell O'Reilly

You went to Gowna with your dad
and for this I'm very glad
In Whytes pub I saw you there
I sat at the bar and sneaked a stare

I thought to myself what a nice guy
What a pity I am so shy
With thanks to John you came a walking
You sat down and we kept on talking

I felt I had known you for a long time
We got on well, gosh you were fine
You captured my heart that night
Yes, I was sure you were Mr Right

We went out to the car for a kiss and a cuddle
We spotted your dad, were we in trouble?
He passed by the car with a smile on his face
and then we entwined in a warm embarce

I was sad the next day 'cos you were gone
I hoped it would not be for too long
With butterflies and nerves I picked up the phone
I left a message as you were not home

You rang me back, my heart made a flutter
I was so nervous I thought I would stutter
We arranged to meet on a Friday night
At Dublin airport I would meet my delight

I met you at the airport with a big cheesy grin
I thought all I need now is a vodka or gin
We went to Harry Byrnes for just one or two
I was all excited my first night with you

Moving to York was a big step to take
My friends I would miss, what friends would I make?
But since I moved over life has been supreme
In every way, if you know what I mean

So now that we are married and I am your wife
You will always be my hero and my life
You brought me happiness that very first day
and we'll always be together come what may

So here's to us and our future together
I'm sure we'll get through whatever the weather
Thanks for being you so loyal and so true
You can be sure I will always love you.