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Emeka Chike Nwogu


Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria

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Memorable Laughter


Emeka Chike Nwogu

A decade filled with moonshine,
still counting bouquet-ful
of fragrant roses rippen
in the womb of bliss.

Like fresh morning dew-drops,
your love bud anew,
made fertile by your warmness.

A decade filled with moonshine;
still counting memorable laughters
that wiped away dark clouds -
harbinger of fruitful rains.

Your beauty awe-struck me,
your face, a moon beam
radiating golden rays
that wipe away sadness.

I'll bow at your at your love-embalmed feet,
I'll dance with measured frenzy
as we gleefully celebrate
our first cut of ecstasy.

In Your Eyes


Emeka Chike Nwogu

I see through your innocence,
A plethora of change
As you cry that first day.

I see in your eyes,
A vision of a flowing ocean
Carrying ship loads of gifts.

In your eyes of sunshine,
Brigandage melt like wax
Mountains turn to pebbles.

In your eyes, I see moon beam
Shinning brighter, glowing
through dark spots
Like a fresh-lit bush fire.

In your eyes, I see hope strong
I see favour, and fortune
make their return journey.

Your eyes, a harbinger of greatness
Wiping away years of sorrow.
I see change in your eyes,
My little girl...

Suffering In The Land


Emeka Chike Nwogu

As I look at faces on our streets
I see hunger,
I see suffering,
I see humiliation,
I see neglect.

They are mourning,
Cursing those that imported doom,
They say there were leftovers,
In their kitchens;
Now times hav changed.

As I look at faces on our streets,
I see oppression,
I see deceit,
I see victims of tyranny,
I see forsaken masses.

They are weeping;
Lamenting lost hopes,
Lost pride,
Lost dreams.

As I look at faces on our streets,
I see people frustrated,
I see people tricked,
I see people enslaved,
I see people whose future is mortgaged.

They cry each day,
They weep everyday,
They say there's suffering in the land.