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Daniel North


Chelmsford, England, UK

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The evolution of insanity


Daniel North

Tell me, whatís the point of wearing hard hats?
When they obviously are not using their brains
When they keep on severing up the countryside
Of Englandís striking terrains.

Like whatís the point of waiting for a piece of road
Just for someone to say itís not such a great idea
Digging through the roots of the Earth
Whose fading legacy casts a cold solitary tear.

But they think that they are being so smart
Being so self assured, without a single doubt
To even think about re-seeding and protecting the trees
That will save us from global effects like a drought.

Also putting our creatures lives at risk
By forever tampering with our fields and crops
Also do we want that the only way to remember such wildlife
Is to look at them in books or though our laptops?

As I no longer do I want to live
Under a sheet of billowing misty glass
Or walk on the dull grey ground
That is growing absent of its precious past.

So let us stand up against this lunacy
Thatís only building more illnesses and pollution
By fighting together to rescue rural England
From this mindless evolution.

If only_..


Daniel North

If only we learnt to love ourselves
We wouldn't want to cause other's harm
If only we learnt to love ourselves
Everything within would be calm.
If only we learnt to love ourselves
There would be no need for power or jealousy
If only we learnt to love ourselves
Only one vision in the mirror we would see.
If only we learnt to love ourselves
Only one blood would pump, only one heart would pound
And if only we learnt to love ourselves
We could then spread peace on our ground.

The Clematis


Daniel North

Arising from its muddy dwelt
Such a flamboyant flower grew
Clinging to the wooden latticed belt
Itís starry head beams through.

Clothed in soft fragile pink
And splashed by a shade that is bold
Shielding itself from daytimes blink
Under bottle green leaves that behold.

The tiny sun that rests inside
Whose ends are dipped in burgundy
That glimmer willowy shafts of pride
From beetroot folds for all to see.