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Daniel North


Chelmsford, UK

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Secret possession


Daniel North

I played my part, the weary substitute
The intrigued piece of forbidden fruit
The on flight entertainment and the back up parachute.
I played my role, the glorified, vital prop
Because you feel disregarded and unheard
It was an overfilling bubble waiting to pop.

I was the album that climbed and slid out of the chart
The bad timed, awkward, missing part
That completed the tiny gaps in your heart.
I displayed another outlook, you were restless with guilt
Bound to a uncommunicative, constantly lethargic fossil
And the secure nest egg, you both have built.

I played task of the considerate soundboard
Walking into the mind games that had my emotion pulled
But in the end, I just couldnít take old pains being re-hauled.
As it was never for me, about the thrill of the chase
Iím the shining prince that ends up being the victim
Why is it so hard, to feel equal to the human race?

But I refuse to be the twisting fish on the hook
Feeding on my disappointments and rage of a temperamental book
But you did show me the strength of character that my past once took.
I wasnít attending to be cold, but it was all becoming too unfair
You had to make your choice, in your own head
As brief pick me ups wonít pull you out of your despair.

I was the team player and then the coach dropped the ball behind
All this time on the fence, has got you cut on my mind
You have taught me a lot; you are to me, a precious find.
Maybe you cared, or was it the danger, the minor details are in a mess
Itís just a shame that we couldnít offer what each other wanted
I guess it was just a secret, which neither party could ever possess.

The Effects


Daniel North

During the sudden rush of the urinals

A gentle tap of tiny plastic

Sherbets of inducement

Walks inside the green man

With beady eyes, with risks to be gained.

Do I really know what will happen?

As it pours slightly above the knuckle

A trail of salt, a tiny missile for proboscis

Tingles then hardens like a bogey

To cement such act of waywardness.

I am fine; but I feel like

An winters day in Glasnost

Jaws click crazily together; wait...

Some cerebral fireworks are now coming into play

Let's throw a bonfire in my brain shall we?

I really wasnít expecting any of this

I destroyed one of my myths today

While the skin of my hands

Continues to flex on and off

They try to comprehend the correct size tag.

A ball of half hearted vigour; dulled now by Carling

Lamps are left slightly sore, over the nasal Niagara

Whilst rivulets catch the edge of the cuff

Under the frosty, breath lit moonlight.

© Daniel North 2005